CHICAGO (CBS)Mail delays or no mail at all has been the frustration of many Chicago neighborhoods for several months, and now, Chicago Postmaster Wanda Prater is out.

Prater has been replaced by Eddie Morgan Jr., the former Postmaster of Kansas City, Missouri.

This past winter, U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush called for Prater’s resignation after an audit found the delayed deliveries affected his district.

“There has been an undeniable, unacceptable, and unprecedented breakdown in mail delivery over the past year, and unfortunately, my constituents have borne the brunt of it,” Rush said in a news release Wednesday. “After a damning Inspector General investigation — and an equally damning lack of response from management to the investigation — I am encouraged that USPS has finally heeded my call for new leadership in Chicago. This is about getting a fresh perspective on the problems we are facing and the solutions for restoring first-class mail service to my constituents.”

CBS 2 Chicago Staff