By Tim McNicholas

CHICAGO (CBS) — Severe storm damage could be seen throughout the area.

CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas Woodridge reports near Woodridge Drive Jonquil Lane surveying the damage.

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The sound of chainsaws all over this neighborhood. People are jumping into action trying to pick up the pieces after this storm.


On one corner, there are huge trees, toppled over on the sidewalks, streets and front lawns. At least five homes in the area were damaged.

(Credit: CBS)

Police say at least 75 buildings were damaged.

A family that was inside one of those homes when the tornado ripped apart the second floor talked about what they saw and heard.


A 16-year-old Boy Scout named Nathan Casey said he heard a crash upstairs, went up and saw the sky where a wall was supposed to be.

He heard his six-year old brother banging on his bedroom door but the door was stuck. Thankfully he was able to shove that door open and help his brother get downstairs, along with the rest of the family.

“He woke up right when everything happened and started crying. But he couldn’t get out. We heard him banging on the door so, we got him, thankfully he’s all right seeing what the room looks like now.” said Nathan Casey.

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“They grabbed blankets and we were in the bathroom for awhile,” said Bridget Casey.

“I feel good as ya can be ya know? Everybody’s all right. House can be a replaced. Things. People can’t be replaced,” added Nathan Casey.

“The kids are fine and that’s all that matters,” said Bridget Casey.

(Credit; CBS)

The Caseys said they’re leaning on each other right now. They’ll be staying with relatives for the time being.

A day after severe storm and tornado ripped through Woodridge, village officials said they are in the process of not only cleaning up streets blocked by tree trunks and limbs, they are also assessing the damage and destruction.

Brian Cunningham, Chief of the Woodridge Police Department, said the agency received more than 200 calls for service after 10:00 Sunday night.

“The tornado came from the west after coming from Naperville. It was probably about a three block width and traveled probably about three miles in total distance,” Cunningham said, who added the department received around 200 calls for service and more than 6,000 homes were without power.

As of midday Monday, only 2,561 customers are without power according to ComEd.

Keith Krestan, Fire Chief of Lisle-Woodridge Fire Department said many calls that came in were about downed powerlines, gas leaks in the home and large tree branches hitting the homes.

“Currently we’re looking at over 100 structure that have been damaged significantly by this incident,” Krestan said.

There were nine people injured and taken to the hospital. At least two are still hospitalized.

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Tim McNicholas