By Marie Saavedra

CHICAGO (CBS) — Dozens of victims in Chicago have been left with egg on their faces, not to mention other parts of their bodies.

All of them are the target of raw eggs that, they say, were launched out of a truck.

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Two people duck after an egg was hurled from a truck. (Facebook)

They’ve been charting the attacks, which were mostly on the North Side, with the hope they’ll be stopped, CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra reports.

A crowd-sourced map of apparent egg attacks. (Facebook)

This spring, Jennifer Lee Green of Noble Square thought the cracked eggs  throughout her neighborhood were the work of a junior high joyride.

“At first, I thought it was just teenagers targeting stores,” Green said.

Until it was her turn.

“We crossed Ogden and suddenly there was this big splat, and I felt something kind of cutting my feet a little bit and a little bit wet, like what is that.”

Neither she, nor Dave Zibell saw it coming.

He was the target in Fulton Market a few weeks ago.

“We were just walking to dinner,” Zibell said. “A truck drove by and I didn’t see anything happening, I kind of turned to talk … and they hit me right in the jaw with an egg.”

The shock of being egged was one thing. Turning to the internet and finding they were part of what looked like a throwing spree was another.

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Moshe Tamssot runs True Chicago, a series of neighborhood Facebook pages. He turned the many posts of egg attacks into a single page, mapping 86 attacks in more than a year.

“I just set up the Chicago Egg Hunters as a repository for everyone’s information,” Tamssot said.

Nearly every victim mentioned a white truck, and the more than 600 group members got to work. They caught the plate and tracked it to a store on the Southwest Side.

Victims believe eggs were launched from this truck. (Facebook)

“To basically get the message back to the egg truck folks that you’ve had a good run, it was kind of funny, you haven’t caused serious injury yet, but it’s very possible,” said Tamssot.

Victims believe eggs were launched from this truck. (Facebook)

Members of the group told Chicago Police, who are aware and asking for tips in the case. The victims know Chicago police they have bigger fish to fry, but they’re happy the city’s egg-soaked sleuths have put the assailants on notice.

“It’s a call to action for all Chicago residents to work together,” said Tamssot.

“To relieve some of that pressure and take care of things for situations like this, which obviously have fallen through the cracks,” he said, laughing at the pun.

The manager at the Southwest Side store linked to the truck’s plates said he just found out about this situation yesterday.

He said it’s under investigation and beyond that, he had no comment.

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Chicago Police said anybody with information can submit a tip online at

Marie Saavedra