By Meredith Barack

CHICAGO (CBS) — He’s got his flashlight and a crowbar. A burglar’s every move is caught on camera. He’s suspected of hitting a series of salons and barber shops along a stretch of Stony Island Avenue.

CBS 2’s Meredith Barack reports from Calumet Heights and spoke to one salon owner who said her business was hit twice. Police believe the same man is responsible not just for those two burglaries but eight others as well. He pries open the door and steals anything valuable inside.

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“Within probably the last 45 days, we’ve been hit twice. They stole quite a bit.”

A video from inside Le Calme Salon shows the first time the burglar broke in during the early morning hours of August 6. In the video, you can see the him flip on a flashlight in the back of the salon. It then shows him, bag in hand, taking off out the door with his loot.

“They stole two televisions, two iPads, a towel warmer. They stole quite a bit of stuff, about seven or eight clippers,” said owner and lead stylist Candrice Tinch.

One month later, the burglar returned, with his crowbar in hand. He then helps himself to hair and other items at a stylist’s station.


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“Even the stuff we replaced, they ended up coming back the second round and taking it again,” Tinch said. “They vandalized our front door.”

Tinch said they’ve spent thousands of dollars replacing everything and will still have to spend more undoing the burglar’s damage.

“And they broke this door here so it doesn’t connect at all, there’s no lock on it,” Tinch lamented. “This one’s broken as well. This one just rotates it doesn’t really lock or unlock. They actually have to put a brand new door. This door is quite expensive.”

An expense Tinch said isn’t ideal after having to close her salon down several times during the pandemic.

“So then to have to deal with this unnecessary foolishness in addition to what’s already going on in the world, it’s been rough,” Tinch said, who added that a burglar this bold will return for a third time, and she won’t be seeing the crime unfold on her security camera.

“Heaven forbid they attempt to rob us and we’re literally in the middle of our work day,” she said.

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Candrice said she believes the burglar is selling the stolen items.

Meredith Barack