By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS) — The City of Chicago sent piles of parking tickets to a man who said he sold his car months ago.

He told his story to CBS 2’s Jim Williams, who reported Monday that the man’s troubles serve as a warning for anyone who’s selling a car. He’s on the hook for dozens of tickets – some issued in downtown Chicago just last week – even though he now lives far away.

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In April, Adam Moore moved from Indiana to Arizona. As he started a new life, he sold his 2004 Lincoln Town Car.

“I’m done with it,” Moore said. “I’m glad to have it out of my life.”

But that car is hardly out of his life.

“About a month after I sold the car, I started receiving tickets,” Moore said. “I was like ‘I don’t understand.'”

He has notices for 50 Chicago parking tickets, slapped on a car he thought he no longer owned. Many of the tickets were written downtown on Randolph Street just west of State Street; some issued as recently as last week, even as Moore lives 1,700 miles away.

“When I see these pictures and I see the signs where he’s parking, it baffles me,” Moore said. “It plainly states ‘no parking.'”

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Moore said he sold the car to a relative. Moore turned over the car’s title, but admits he didn’t notify the State of Indiana that the car had a new owner.

What’s more, he left his license plates on the car. So the Lincoln Town Car is still listed in his name.

“I definitely should have gotten a bill of sale,” Moore said. “I definitely should have gotten pictures, copies. One of the crucial mistakes I made was not taking my tag.”

Moore said his efforts to appeal to the family member to foot the bill have gone nowhere. Adam Moore is on the hook for thousands of dollars.

His advice for others selling cars?

“Make sure you go above and beyond to make sure that car is no longer yours,” Moore said.

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CBS 2 reached out to the city of Chicago to see if there’s anything Adam Moore can do to prove he longer owns the car, and that he’s been in Arizona all this time. A spokesperson said she’ll look into it.