TINLEY PARK, Ill. (CBS) — Carjackings are happening everywhere, and nearly every day.

One driver in Tinley Park got his car stolen at gunpoint. He got it back, but the thieves returned – and this time, he pulled out his own gun. That landed him in jail.

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CBS 2’s Jermont Terry caught up with the man, Naser Zaghlol, moments after his release. Fresh out of spending a night in jail, Zaghlol could not believe the trouble in which he found himself.

Terry: “What was going through your mind as they’re holding you for 24 hours?”

Zaghlol: “Only thing I was thinking, where is justice?”

Zaghlol’s troubles started back in August. Police in Richton Park found his Nissan Altima damaged after thieves carjacked him while he was delivering for DoorDash.

“They jumped in my car. I run to them. I open the door before they can put in drive,” Zaghlol said. “The other guy next to him, he shot at me. Luckily, they didn’t kill me.”

He got his car back, but the thieves still had his key fob and knew where he lived. And this week, the thieves came back to get his Nissan while parked outside his apartment complex in Tinley Park.

Zaghlol’s son noticed something strange Tuesday night.

Zaghlol: “They saw my car flying away from here – like taking off from here fast.”

Terry: “They heard it peeling away quickly?”

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Zaghlol: “Yes, quickly. They thought it’s me. So he called me and said, ‘What’s going on, Dad?’”

So Zaghlol ran outside with his registered gun.

“So I put three bullets, I run here,” he said. “I don’t think about my money, my car, nothing. I was just worried about my kids between criminals.”

Zaghlol said he fired in the air – three shots. Yet Tinley Park police arrested him, and now he is charged with reckless discharge.

According to court records, he is accused of endangering the safety of those in the apartment complex.

“So it’s not straight – it’s not at people, it’s not at cars, it’s not at a building,” Zaghlol said.

His car is now missing again. But he is the one facing a felony.

“They put cuffs on me like I’m the criminal,” Zaghlol said.

A judge released Zaghlol on a $10,000 recognizance bond. All he needed to do was sign his name.

He said he plans to fight the charges.

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As for the guys who stole his car, it was captured on surveillance video. But they remained on the loose Wednesday night.