By Jermont Terry

CHICAGO (CBS) — After having a gun pointed at his side, the next thing Greg Cihak remembers is handing over his keys as crooks carjacked him right outside of his home of 30 years in Irving Park.

He told CBS 2’s Jermont Terry that he never imagined he would be held up at gunpoint not far from his front door.

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“Road rage stuff you hear about on the Edens but not a carjacking no,” Cihak said.

A carjacking crew took this SUV in broad daylight in Albany Park

He was not the only target.

The crew who stole Cihak’s SUV is believed to be the same who took another SUV at 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon in Albany Park. The two carjackings happened within eight minutes of each other.

“He was actually very calm given the circumstance,” said a neighbor of the Albany Park man. “He was calmer than the rest of the neighborhood.”

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The carjacking in daylight leaves many to wonder whether the thieves are thriving on the fear placed in people.

In Cihak’s case, police found his SUV a few miles away with no damage. Tonight, it’s back on the block.

“I don’t know why they would do it,” said Cihak. “Just for fun I suppose.”

There is nothing funny when someone points a gun to your side.

“Who expects to have a gun pointed at them in the middle of the day,” Cihak said. “It shouldn’t be happening)

Yet it did, and it continues to happen across the city.

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Police are investigating and there are no suspects in custody.