CHICAGO (CBS) — The carjacking crisis in Chicago affects us all – the lack of security, the feeling of, “Am I next?”

That is why CBS 2 continues telling stories of people victimized, and exposing those behind the violent acts.

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We are finding the profile shows many of the suspects are teens. On Thursday alone, two 16-year-olds were in Juvenile Court for multiple carjackings.

One was picked up eight times, including two for carjackings. The other teen was picked up nine times, including one carjacking.

CBS 2’s Irika Sargent sat down exclusively with teen carjackers a few weeks ago. One teen told us – being a girl works in her favor.

‘Nicole’: “They wouldn’t probably expect a younger aged female to be out here carjacking.”

Sargent: “What kind of weapons do you use when you commit a carjacking?”

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‘Nicole’: “A knife.”

Nicole has been arrested before. But after a short stay in juvenile detention, she was back out and back to carjacking.

Sargent: “Is this something that you still are doing?”

‘Nicole’: “Yes.”

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And 10 months into the year, Chicago has already seen more than 1,300 carjackings.

CBS 2 Chicago Staff