By Meredith Barack

CHICAGO (CBS) — A CBS 2 exclusive.

One second he was putting his young son in a car seat. The next: a Chicago father was carjacked by a gunman in his driveway.

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All of it was captured on camera. The victim and his wife are  sharing their alarming story only with CBS 2’s Meredith Barack.

CBS 2 saw detectives with the couple. Police still haven’t recovered the stolen SUV but they do have the clear surveillance video showing the moment the carjacker demanded the keys and took off with their car, all while the dad had his little boy in his arms.

“I actually came out of our home by myself to get the car ready. So I did what I always did.”

It’s a routine this family said they won’t be doing anymore.

“Backing the car out of the garage, having the car just sit in the driveway. And then I went back to the building to get my son.”


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The family asked CBS 2 to protect their identities. They were on their way to a Halloween party Sunday. As the dad was putting their 19-month-old son into his car seat, a man with a gun at his waist appeared behind him.

“Give me your keys now. (Inaudible.) Hurry up. Take your baby.”

“He definitely made sure I’d see the gun. And then just asked me for the keys so I did give him the keys, and he said take the baby out so I did.”

The dad says the carjacker then patted him down and took his phone. Moments later and not realizing what was happening, the mother opened the back door of the car.

“I saw the front door was open. I was about to enter from the back to ask, ‘is everyone ready?!’ But at that time I saw the carjacker and he has the gun pointed at me, saying ‘move back!’ And then I realized it was a carjacking,” she said.

The mom said she didn’t know where her husband and son were, but the carjacker yelled “don’t stop” as she walked back to the building so she did as she was told. The carjacker then sat in the black BMW SUV for almost 30 seconds before taking off. A Community Alert from CPD said the same suspect could be responsible for two other carjackings last Wednesday in Wicker Park.

The mom said, unfortunately, she felt as though it was only a matter of time before they became victims.

“I’ve thought about it. Because I always tell him let’s be vigilant when we go in our garage and see if any cars are following or a suspicious car is following,” she said. “But we wouldn’t expect it on a Sunday morning in broad daylight.”

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The couple said they are encouraging their neighbors to install cameras on their homes and they hope by putting the video of their carjacking out there that suspect will be caught.

Meredith Barack