CHICAGO (CBS) — Numerous stolen containers filled with boxes of merchandise were recently found by investigators, and one business owner believes some of the stolen goods they found belong to him.

As CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey reported, importer Ravi Kapoor is positive that he has located his stolen mattresses among the merchandise in the containers. But if he’s right, no one is telling him – and actually getting the mattresses back has proven to be much easier said than done.

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Kapoor, of Prag International, is an importer and wholesaler of a wide range of items that he ships in from India and China. One of his most popular sellers is a foldable mattress he invented – which he said would not be found anywhere else.

“It’s one-of-a-kind,” Kapoor said.

But recently, supply chain issues have made getting his in-demand mattresses to the Midwest more difficult.

“From India, it used to be about 30 days, but now it’s three months to get it,” Kapoor said, “and China is totally blocked.”

Making things even worse, on Nov. 11, an entire shipping container filled with 228 of the mattresses was stolen from a shipping yard in Bensenville.

Thus, Kapoor is out about $50,000. And he didn’t hear any update until he was watching the news on Friday, Dec. 3.

That day, Attorney General Kwame Raoul showed off the bust made by his Organized Retail Crime Task Force — which included piles of stolen goods discovered at several storage units in Chicago.

Hickey: “You just looked up at the TV and you said, ‘There are my stolen boxes!’”

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Kapoor: “Exactly, and that’s mine.”

Clearly pictured in the haul are what look like they have to be Kapoor’s stolen mattresses.

“This strap is mine, this design is mine, even this label is mine,” Kapoor said as he looked at a photo.

Kapoor Mattresses

Ravi Kapoor believes these mattresses found in a haul of stolen goods are his,
(Credit: Illinois Attorney General’s Office/CBS 2)

That was nearly two weeks ago – and even though he saw the mattresses on TV, Kapoor has not actually seen them himself.

We tried to connect him with Chicago and Bensenville police. Both agencies said they could not help.

Finally, we helped connect him to the Attorney General’s office, which is supposed to follow up next week.

“Finally, we approach CBS – and they help us,” Kapoor said. “This happened the first time to us. To get our stuff back is really hard, so I hope in the future, we’d know how to approach.”

Kapoor said he is speaking out because he hopes the process for future victims reclaiming their belongings is more streamlined than what he’s experienced.

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Again, he is supposed to speak with investigators from the Attorney General’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force next week. We will, of course, keep following up.

Megan Hickey