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Parent 'Freaked Out' By Social Media Posts To Chicago Schools"This does not warrant life in jail, no, but it cannot be a misdemeanor."
Illinois Attorney General's Office Holds Virtual Town Hall As It Begins Investigation Into Death Of Eric Lurry In Joliet Police CustodyCBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini was the first to expose the controversial death of Eric Lurry in the custody of Joliet police. Now, the Illinois Attorney General’s office is making good on a promise to investigate.
IDES Kept Offices Closed While Many Struggled To Get Their Unemployment Benefits: What Really HappenedIDES’ offices have been closed to the public since the pandemic began. The closures came as thousands struggled to navigate a system that was understaffed, ill-equipped to deal with the scope of the problem and fraught with technical issues that prevented some from getting their benefits in a timely manner, or at all.
Judge Won't Back Down In Effort To Get Kids In Care Of DCFS Out Of Limbo In Psych Wards, Temporary SheltersHundreds of children who can’t go home to their families have instead been left in psych wards for months.
City Not Issuing Timely Speed Cam Warning Tickets, Costing Drivers: 'No Time For Me To Change My Behavior'The CBS 2 Investigators discovered another problem with the city’s new speeding ticket rules. Those rules ticket drivers going as little as 6 miles per hour over the speed limit. Under city rules, people caught speeding for the first time should receive a warning. But CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker discovered those warnings are often too little too late.
Plainfield Mother Is Keeping Her Special-Needs Son Home From School, With School Bus Driver Shortage Dragging Out Ride Four HoursThe bus driver shortage has reached critical mass for one southwest suburban school district, which is now offering thousands of dollars to parents to help fill that gap.
Worries Of A 'Twindemic' As Flu Season Coincides With The COVID-19 PandemicDr. Segreti said loss of taste and smell is often associated with COVID, but they've also seen that symptom with flu patients.
Student And Staff Data From Area School District Were Dumped On The Dark Web, And Parents And Staffers Had No ClueIf your child’s school gets hacked and their personal information gets stolen, you might never hear about it. CBS 2 found one southwest suburban school district that was targeted. Private information was taken with parents and staff caught completely off guard. That is -- until CBS 2 Investigator Dana Kozlov told them.
Some Illinois Schools Gave More Failing Grades After COVID BeganCBS 2 sent Freedom of Information Act requests for student grade data to more than 30 school districts in Illinois. From 13 of those schools, we received grade data, showing eight of those school districts handed out far more failing grades in English, social studies, math and science courses last year than before the pandemic.