The 2 Investigators

Former Sterigenics Worker Tells Of Leaking Ethylene Oxide At PlantAnother former worker at a local company accused of emitting high levels of a toxic chemical has come forward, describing how a cancer-causing gas would leak during plant operations and how he was told to mop up residue into the drainage system.
$400 Bond For Accused Rapist Draws Outrage, And An Odd Outcome What happens to a judge when he lets an accused rapist out for $400? And then it's exposed the judge knew the accused rapist's sister?
Post Office Wrongly Declares Woman Dead; 'How Does Something Like This Happen?'The 2 Investigators tackle many topics, but this one’s a doozy, and begins with a riddle. Who can declare someone dead? A doctor, perhaps a nurse. Well here’s a new one: the post office.
Is There A Serial Killer On The Loose In Chicago? Dozens Of Similar Cases UnsolvedSome have been raped, others were beaten: Dozens of cases of women who were all strangled or asphyxiated remain unsolved.
City Colleges To Discontinue Little-Used Shuttle For Rides Of Less Than A MileYour tax dollars pay for it. A white van with a City Colleges of Chicago sign waits outside the Sox-35th station on the Red Line every day, but few people use it, and it doesn't go very far when it does move.
Members Of Congress Call For Criminal Probe Into Sterigenics Following CBS 2 InvestigationMore are calling for action and a criminal probe at Sterigenics in Willowbrook after a report by 2 Investigator Dave Savini revealed serious allegations from former workers about toxic emission being released into the community.