Derrick Rose sits on the bench alongside teammates Joakim Noah and Luol Deng. (Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

Derrick Rose sits on the bench alongside teammates Joakim Noah and Luol Deng. (Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

An Open Letter To Derrick Rose From The Fans Of Chicago:

It’s been over one year since Derrick Rose’s ACL tear and over two months since doctors cleared him to play.

Still, the former MVP of the league refuses to leave his post on the Bulls bench. Meanwhile, the hobbled Bulls continue to fight on against the Nets in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs.

We’ve collected your notes and compiled an open letter to Derrick Rose:

Dear Derrick Rose,

TAKE YOUR TIME coming back!! YOU know when you’re ready and feel RISK FREE. LONG TERM CAREER is more important than ONE YEAR of playoffs. Stay smart D Rose!!
– Adam, Silver City

I’m your biggest fan and I completely support your decision to not play until you’re ready. People need to look at the future and not right now. When you watch the bulls play it’s just not the same. I miss you. The NBA misses you. The bulls players and organization misses you. But please take your time with this injury and come back when you’re ready.
– Brittany, Ohio

With every passing day my hopes for your return this season fade into an abyss of “what ifs and coulda beens.” I can’t explain to you the extraordinary loss I took on my season tickets. I will be taking donations on my PayPal account.
– Dan, Park Ridge

If you love the game you need to play. You have been medically cleared and you just need to man up. You won’t go down as a Chicago great if you don’t.
– J.D., Chicago

Come on Derrick WE NEED YOU!!! Heat-Bulls would be the most epic series if you come back PLEASE! Imagine this: you come back and we sweep the Heat!! Eastern Conference Champs again!!!
– Sandy, Chicago

How can you sit on the bench and watch Jo painfully move up and down the court? If you are afraid of failure, you will never be great and will never get past the Heat. Derrick, you need to call two guys: MJ and Kobe. Ask them what they would do.
– Paul, Milwaukee

How does it actually feel to watch the rest of your team hobble down the court while you wear a suit and tie?
– Brandon, Chicago

Stay strong kid. Don’t let the dumb people get to you. The real bulls fans will stay behind you 100%
– Matt, Elgin

Don’t let the peps bring you down. You just make sure you’re at 100% next year, because I believe you are the answer to stealing LeBron’s championship goals. There is no need to put yourself in a war in these playoffs because you have not played one game this year. Do what you have to do.
– Ricky, Fort Worth

I told my boss yesterday that even though I’m not sick or have a doctor’s excuse, I’d still like to stay home until I feel mentally ready to work. I got fired.
– Harold, Oak Park

I used to be such a fan… Now, not so much. You are representing everything that is wrong with modern sports by not playing.
– Mike, Chicago

I believe that AP had the same injury. Didn’t he come back before people expected? When he runs and cuts don’t people try to take out his knees? Didn’t he have a monster year? I do think if you are injured you should not play, and yes, this is also about your future health, but you were cleared and you have more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetime. You have a monster of a team fighting out there and the only thing missing is scoring.
– Saad, Downers Grove

All I have to say is if this happened to LeBron, he would be back 2 months ago because he wants to help his team. The Bulls need you but you’re not gonna help.
– Billy, Oak Lawn

MVP?? MVP?? Are you still Hungry?! You’re supposed to be the franchise! Do you still have that fire?!! Let’s Go!!!
– Michael, Springfield

Let me just say you are my boy. The Greenhorns in this city don’t know what we know. This team isn’t going to beat the Heat. You are a franchise player. Do whatever you want as long as you are ready to roll Day 1 next year. This was a wash year and people forget that.
– Michael, Naperville

Look man, I know you’re worried about a career-ending injury, but the doctors cleared you. The fans for sure cleared you. But you’ve got to clear yourself. Free yourself from the suits at Adidas, your agents and the talking heads. You’ve got to look out for #1. Just know that we miss you, #1
– Terry, Oak Park

This Bulls team isn’t being the Heat, so get mentally ready for next season. With a little luck the Bulls will add a few free agents that will help. I have no idea who those free agents are, though.
– Timmy, Lake Zurich

A Derrick Rose Haiku: Why don’t you just play? Your knee seems to be just fine. Cash makes tendons weak?
– Scott, Rochester

Derrick, enough is enough, You had the best medical attention and surgery money could buy, these same doctors cleared you to play, Your fans have short memories, we’ll forgive your absence the past two months but please send your brother on month log trip and get back to work.
– Andrew, La Grange Park

Love, Chicago