Illinois Attorney General Investigating More Than 900 Price-Gouging Complaints During Coronavirus PandemicThe Illinois Attorney General's Office is investigating more than 900 price-gouging complaints from people across the state who accused businesses of hiking their prices during the coronavirus pandemic.
Airlines Will Offer Fewer Choices And Higher Fares After The Coronavirus Crisis
Neighbors Say Norwood Park Gym Has Stayed Open, Flouting Non-Essential Business Closure Rule For COVID-19When Gov. JB Pritzker shut down non-essential businesses for the stay-at-home order for the coronavirus pandemic, that included gyms.
Fifty/50 Restaurant Group Opens West Town Sites To Keep Struggling Workers FedOne restaurant group in West Town is helping to feed workers struggling to get by.
Companies Find A New Purpose; Workplace Rules Have ChangedLess than a week after saying it planned to reopen five North American assembly plants, Ford has decided that those facilities will remain closed indefinitely. The announcement to reopen got a cool reception from the United Auto Workers union.
Some Restaurants That Had Been Open For Takeout And Delivery Decide To Close Amid Coronavirus CrisisThe coronavirus crisis has led some restaurants to decide to close – with some just unable to cut it with takeout and delivery.
What Companies Are Hiring During The Coronavirus OutbreakAs fears of rising unemployment mount, there are some companies, especially grocery store chains, that will be hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Small Businesses With More Than 50 Employees Shut Out Of State, City COVID-19 Crisis Loans
Printing Out A Solution For The COVID-19 Problem"Every day a new person is showing up and it's a completely selfless act."
Macy's Furloughs Majority Of Its 125,000 Workers After Closing Stores Due To COVID-19 Outbreak"While the digital business remains open, we have lost the majority of our sales due to the store closures," the company said in a statement announcing the furloughs Monday morning.
Instacart Workers Walk Off Job Monday Over Coronavirus DangersGetting groceries during a pandemic has suddenly become a risky business, and now, shoppers who go to the store on behalf of others are planning to walk off their jobs.
Coronavirus in Illinois: Small Clinics Struggle To Stay Open While Keeping Medical Staff Safe"Yes, it's scary but this is what we signed up to do."
Fundraisers Canceled, Money In Jeopardy For Nonprofits Amid Coronavirus PandemicNon-profits across Chicago have been forced to cancel their events amid COVID-19, and they aren't sure how they're going to get through the year.
Many Complain They Can't Get Through With Illinois Unemployment Line, Website OverwhelmedIn the first three weeks of March alone, there have been over 130,000 unemployment benefit claims in Illinois - with so many people out of work and needing money the state is having trouble keeping up.
Civic Federation's Laurence Msall: Staggering Unemployment Claims Will Put Major Strain On Illinois, Chicago BudgetsThe math is staggering – according to the U.S. Department of Labor, there were 114,663 unemployment claims in Illinois alone last week amid the coronavirus crisis.