Paying Rent And Utilities When COVID-19 Forces You Out Of Work“It's kind of this thought: how am I going to pay rent?” musician John Perrin said.
Chicagoans Help Each Other Find Work During COVID-19 Crisis"I know what that it feels like to be down and out and sometimes you need someone to give you a helping hand."
Macy's To Close All Stores Nationwide For COVID-19 ConcernsMacy's employs around 125,000 employees and more than 700 stores across the country.
Chicago Parents Adjust To Kids Not Having CPS Classes Because Of COVID-19"There will be no adult supervision at the schools to support the students. So we are imploring families not to send their children to school."
Keeping Store Shelves Stocked Amid COVID-19 Panic Buying"We did about five times normal sales between Thursday and Sunday."
Cheap Fares Luring Travelers To Fly Despite PandemicDylcia McBlackwell couldn't justify taking a single spring vacation. Air fares were so cheap, she decided to book three. Now the 39-year-old food service worker from Chicago has tickets to fly to Denver to visit friends next month followed by a May trip to Charleston, South Carolina.
Des Plaines Casino Closes For COVID-19 ConcernsThe casino said there are no known COVID-19 cases on the property, but it is suspending operations "out of an abundance of caution and to promote the social distancing recommended by health officials."
Coronavirus Clear Out: Bare Store Shelves As People Stock Up "I have never seen a demand for products sanitizers, toilet paper or any product as I'm seeing it now."
Not Everyone Has Access To COVID-19 Tests, Despite What The Government SaysThursday on CBS This Morning, Vice President Mike Pence didn't acknowledge a testing shortage. But said they're focusing on getting tests to Washington State, New York and California.
Report: Not Enough Families Have Access To Quality ChildcareThe Ready Nation study shows more than one half of parents report being late for their jobs missing a whole day of work or working while distracted because of worries over childcare.
After Fraudsters Racked Up $6,000 On Stolen Credit Card, HSBC Demanded Victim Pay Up, Despite 'Zero Liability' PromiseLike many banks, HSBC boasts of their vast fraud protection: zero dollar liability. Yet they came after Elanor Leskiw, of Chicago, for $6,000 in purchases she says she never made.
Some Insight On Finding A Job Amid The Coronavirus OutbreakIt’s unknown how the coronavirus will impact jobs long-term, but we got some insight from the chief executive officer of the employment website CareerBuilder on what we’re seeing so far.
Couple Says They Got Socked With Huge Fee For Canceling Cruise Amid Coronavirus OutbreakPeople who are set to hop on a cruise ship – much like people who are flying – are often feeling like they’re getting the short end when it comes to changes in travel plans.
Coronavirus Scams Are Spreading; Some Include Garlic 'Cures'"People should be aware that any email or website offering a ‘cure’ is a scam that should be avoided."
Walmart Revises Leave Policy In Face Of Virus; Worker TestsFor most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia.