Man Disfigured In Hunting Accident Becomes World's Oldest Face Transplant RecipientThe 30-hour operation took place four months ago and involved more than 100 specialists and health professionals, including doctors, nurses, and many other personnel.
UPDATE: Woman Receives Nearly $10,000 Refund For Cosmetic Surgery A woman received her money back from a cosmetic surgery center following a CBS 2 investigation.
Avoca-Dough: Here Come Restaurants Specializing In The Fruit If avocados top your list of favorite foods, you're in luck -- at least seven avocado-themed restaurants have opened around the world.
Cancer Expected To Kill More Than 9 Million People Globally This Year, Report FindsThe World Health Organization's cancer research arm estimated in a report released Wednesday that there will be about 18 million new cases of cancer globally this year and 9.6 million deaths.
Crohn's Disease Patients Test Experimental Stem Cell TreatmentScientists in the UK have launched a new clinical study to test the use of a stem cell treatment for the inflammatory bowel disease.
The Apple Watch Is Getting Closer To Becoming A Medical DeviceApple is trying to turn its smartwatch from a niche gadget into a lifeline to better health by slowly evolving it into a medical device.
Preview: Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Battling Postpartum DepressionSupermodel Chrissy Teigen opens up about battling postpartum depression, life with award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend, her relationship with her millions of social media followers and more.
Obesity Rates Now Top 35 Percent In Seven StatesObesity's impact is most serious in communities where access to healthy foods and regular physical activity is limited.