$50 Million Awarded After Brain Injury Deemed PreventableThe jury determined that negligence and bad decisions in 2009 by Dr. Armin Drachler and nurse Lisa Wegrzyn at NorthShore Evanston Hospital outside Chicago resulted in the injury to the child of Aimee and David Florez.
2-Year-Old From Batavia Diagnosed With Rare Polio-Like DiseaseA rare polio-like illness that has popped up in several states has now been found in Chicago. It’s called AFM, and a suburban girl has been battling it for about a month.
How To 'Always' Maintain A Positive Attitude"It's much like a diamond that goes through the roughest cut and the hardest polish in order to shine to brilliance. And it's the same with us as people. When we discover our personal truth, we're empowered to happiness."
University Of Illinois Plans Full Tobacco Ban On Main CampusThe University of Illinois is banning all smokeless tobacco products from its main campus in Urbana-Champaign.
More Teens Suffering From ‘Text Neck’ PainThanks to cell phones, doctors say more and more children are developing a condition called “text neck.”
First-Of-Its-Kind Study Analyzes Effects Of Video Games On Brain And BodyResearch is in its infancy about how these games affect everyone from the elite to the casual gamer. 
Processed Meats Linked To Breast Cancer, Study SaysRegularly consuming the foods was linked with a 9% higher risk of breast cancer, according to an analysis of previous studies looking at over 1.2 million women.
Study: Sexual Assault, Harassment Linked To Long-Term Health Problems"Not everyone is able and willing to identify what happened to them, but that doesn't prevent the body from having opinions about it and expressing them."