Getting Hosed: Vietnam Veteran Gets Hosed and Bulldozed By The City Rodney Andrews — a Vietnam Veteran, a Chicago cabbie, and our main protagonist — was among those “Getting Hosed” by the City until we fixed his water bill. Then, out of the blue, the City had his garage bulldozed.
Gas Prices Are Way Up, But That's Not All -- Even Some Dollar Tree Merchandise No Longer Costs $1It certainly hurts to fill up your gas tank right now – but everything is going up, not just gas prices.
Dolton Woman Inherited Four-Figure Water Bill With Her House, And Things Have Kept Getting Worse Since She Found OutA Dolton woman said her dream home came with an unexpected surprise in the form of a huge unpaid water bill – and once she discovered the apparent error, things only got worse.
CBS 2 Investigators: Drivers Caught In A Parking Scam, Get Tickets From The City, TooUnsuspecting drivers trying to find parking outside city sports venues get caught up in a costly scam. First they pay to park, then they get stuck paying parking tickets. Deena Mora got caught in this parking trap outside Guaranteed Rate Field this summer while she and her husband attended the White Sox - Chicago Cubs Crosstown Classic.
Woman Says She Was Conned By Scammers On Facebook, And Social Media Giant Won't Remove PostMany problems have plagued Facebook for years – and those problems are still claiming victims in Chicago. Among those problems are scam artists, who impersonate people to con money out of those people’s family and friends. CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra talked to an Ashburn neighborhood woman who had a warning Monday night.
Landlord Is In Debt To Village Of Riverdale, And Tenants Say They're Being Threatened With Water ShutoffA building owner in south suburban Riverdale owes the village thousands of dollars, and now, the village may be going after the building’s tenants – with what had been plans to shut off their water Wednesday because of their landlord’s mistake.
Chicago-Based Movers Ghost Family After Showing Up At New Home Without A Lot Of Their Belongings“They’ve got my baby pictures, 40 years’ worth of my life photos, my handicap equipment, my wheelchair, all of my walkers” Lori Guidry said.
Couple Frustrated When Wedding Limo Arrives An Hour Late; Limo Company Says Staffing Shortage Is Causing ProblemsIt was supposed to be a fairytale wedding, but the Big Day ended with a frustrated groom and a frazzled business owner. At issue was a late limo pickup.
Woman Had Her Medicare Card Stolen And Her Name Used To Order Medical Tests, And She's Not AloneA strange package showed up in a suburban woman's mailbox, and then another. The closer she looked, the more eerie things became. Who has been using her name to order medical tests?
Indiana Attorney General Files Lawsuit To Crack Down On Harassing Robocalls, And Effort May Help In Illinois TooHow many times have you heard your phone ring or felt it vibrate, only to discover it was an annoying robocall? If the answer is too many, you’re not alone.
Woodstock Woman's Car Gets Damaged, Then Insurance Company Refuses To Pay Because She Called Police 2 Hours Too LateHaving your car damaged in a crash is bad, and getting your insurance claim denied is even worse.