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john dodge bio photo small for wp bio John DodgeJohn Dodge is the Director of CBS Chicago’s website. (You are here now! Thanks for joining us.)

Mr. Dodge has been a journalist a good long while.

Before arriving at CBS, Mr. Dodge held various editorial positions at the Chicago Sun-Times.

He likes to write about things that he finds interesting.

He hopes you feel the same way.

He also likes Twitter: @dodgerman

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Opinion: Musings On #MerryChristmasStarbucks, And Bogus Internet Outrage

Josh Feuerstein, to his credit, certainly has the formula for manufacturing fake Internet outrage.


Among His Peers, Fox Lake Cop Joe Gliniewicz Was A Bad Seed

Apparently so concerned about the behavior and performance of one of their fellow officers, members of the Fox Lake Police Department wrote an extraordinary anonymous letter to the mayor, detailing myriad misdeeds by Lt. Joe Gliniewicz.


Study: Religion Makes Children More Judgmental, Less Generous

Does a religious upbringing actually make children less generous?


Police Charity To Ask Joe Gliniewicz Family For Money Back

When Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz died on Sept. 1 a charitable organization that comes to the aid of families of police officers gave the family $15,000.


Texts Reveal Joe Gliniewicz Stress Over Fox Lake Finances: ‘I Am Pretty Well F—–‘

As the investigation into the death of Fox Lake Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz expanded, detectives began to examine text messages that indicate the officer was taking money from the town’s Police Explorer training program.


Starting As Mobile Delivery Service, Foxtrot Continues Expansion Into Physical Retail

With just over $1 million in seed money in its back pocket, an upscale online delivery service is continuing its expansion into traditional brick-and-mortar stores.


Intelligentsia Coffee Bought By Rival Peet’s

Twenty years after opening its first boutique coffee bar on the North Side, the owners of Intelligentsia Coffee have sold a majority stake in the company to rival Peets.


Historic Former CPS Headquarters Getting A Nice Scrubbing

Stripping away years of urban grit, the historic building that was formerly the Chicago Public Schools headquarters is getting a much-needed bath.


Sleeping In Chicago, President Obama Sets New American Record

When President Obama awoke in his Kenwood home on the South Side this morning, he set an American record.


Buddy Guy To Headline Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tour

Buddy Guy is set to yet again be the centerpiece of a concert tour paying tribute to Jimi Hendrix.


Woman Abducted In Chicago At Gunpoint

A California woman was abducted at gunpoint in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago on Thursday night, robbed and then abandoned in Northwest Indiana.


Cubs vs. Mets NLCS: Flamethrowers > Batters

When the Mets bring the heat, the Cubs can’t take it.

CBS Chicago–10/21/2015

Poll: Support For Legalizing Marijuana At All-Time High

As Illinois slowly moves toward allowing medical marijuana use, a new poll finds support for legalizing pot outright is at an all-time record.


Cubs vs. Mets: Some Reason For Hope, Not Fear

When a team falls into a best-of-seven series hole, like the Cubs have against the Mets, pending doom casts a dark, fearsome pall.

CBS Chicago–10/20/2015

Mets vs. Cubs: 2015 Stats For Game 1 Starters Lester, Harvey

With the Game 1 pitching matchups set, how did the hitters fare against Cubs’ starter Jon Lester and the Mets’ Matt Harvey?

CBS Chicago–10/16/2015

Anthony Rizzo Wants You To Be His Guest At Tuesday’s NLCS Game

Anthony Rizzo wants you.

CBS Chicago–10/15/2015

2015 vs. 2003 Cubs? There Is No Comparison, Data Shows

Cubs fan don’t need to be reminded of the narrative behind the team’s 2003 collapse.

CBS Chicago–10/15/2015

Rizzo, Teammates Get The Party Started Following Game 4 Victory

Some of the Cubs took their party downtown after their Game 4 victory Tuesday night.

CBS Chicago–10/14/2015

Cubs To Leave Schwarber’s Home Run Ball On The Board

Kyle Schwarber’s massive homer Tuesday came to rest atop the right-field video board.

CBS Chicago–10/14/2015

Cubs vs. Mets: By The Numbers

The Cubs were 7-0 against the Mets this season and 3-4 against the Dodgers.

CBS Chicago–10/14/2015