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  1. Dale says:

    Alright grab them titties.

  2. MistaCee says:

    Stop grabbing breast in public!!!(Janet Jackson).

  3. mrsc says:

    Why do people feel they need behave this way in public, there is no reason for this type of behavior. It is a big shame that people behave this way, have no need for people like this do they not have any self respect especially the women that allow men or anyone for that matter to treat them like a piece of meat, then we wonder and question why our society is the way it is.

    1. Society says:

      Really? Really? Treating women like a piece of meat? They’re great friends who made a movie together, which is based on sex. And it’s not like she was completely blind to the situation. Probly her idea. Grabbing an aware woman’s breasts at an edgy awards show, all done for a laugh, is not an example of whats wrong with our society. Any intelligent person understands the context of the action. In my opinion, if there’s something wrong with society it’s that some people take others actions way too seriously. As if something like this is going to make society nothing but sex-crazed animals. If you’re worried about children seeing this and thinking it’s acceptable behavior, get over it. Kids can find much more provocative things than this in a millisecond online. Parents are responsible for their kids and their kids actions. Not Hollywood celebrities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone lighten up, teach YOUR children what YOU feel is acceptable or not, and stop blaming anyone who doesn’t act or BELIEVE the way u do for your own insecurities about society.

  4. Higher calling says:

    It’s actions like this that make baby Jesus cry.

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