2014 Boers & Bernstein Quote Of The Year Competition

They’ve rambled. They’ve contradicted themselves in the matter of seconds. Their logic doesn’t entirely make sense. They wilt under the microscope that a microphone brings. They’ve had epic verbal gaffes.

They’re the nominees for the Boers and Bernstein Quote of the Year Competition, and they didn’t disappoint in 2014. From some of our own to men of stature, they have made us laugh hysterically — when we’re not perplexed trying to figure out what they said.

Now, we ask you to cast your vote — who had the quote of 2014?

Below, you can take a listen to our eight nominees: Bears coach Marc Trestman, 670 The Score on-air reporter David Schuster, Chevy rep Rikk Wilde, 670 The Score caller James from the West Side, White Sox play-by-play man Hawk Harrelson, 670 The Score host Les Grobstein, legendary Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda and former 670 The Score host Dan McNeil.

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