Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips: Lawn Repair

Dull yellow spots, bare patches and slow growth are signs your lawn needs repair. I’m Lisa Hilgenberg form Chicago Botanic Garden with tips on turf repair. Mid-August through early September provides the ideal conditions to seed improving your lawn. Kentucky blue and fescue grasses thrive with cooler temperatures when the soil is still warm. The […]


Gardening Tips: August Tree & Shrub Care

Take care of your trees and shrubs during the hot, dry days of August. I’m Lisa Hilgenberg from Chicago Botanic Garden with your gardening tips for the week. Continue to water newly planted trees and shrubs planted if rainfall is insufficient. Watch closely for signs of scorch on tender new foliage — the margins of […]


Gardening Tips: Corn, An American Grain

Quintessentially American: corn- whether dent, sweet, pop or flint- is part of our cultural identity and essential to our economy. Illinois is the heart of the Corn Belt and State Fair time is a good time to contemplate corn. I’m Lisa Hilgenberg from Chicago Botanic Garden with gardening tips for the week. Corn is a […]


Gardening Tips: Growing The Best Hydrangeas For Chicago

Showy, long blooming hydrangeas are old fashioned favorites in the garden and newer cultivars are more adaptable and easier to grow. I’m Lisa Hilgenberg from Chicago Botanic Garden with gardening tips for the week. Siting the right hydrangea- properly insures bodacious blooming that we all love. ‘Anabelle’ hydrangeas can do with a bit of shade. […]


Gardening Tips: Caring for Summer Annuals

By Lisa Hilgenberg Lush and colorful in hanging baskets or container gardens- long blooming annual plants are providing the show in our summer gardens. I’m Lisa Hilgenberg from the Chicago Botanic Garden with gardening tips for the week. Seasonal interest with pops of color to fill in gaps in the garden, annuals are plants that […]


Gardening Tips: Common Summer Pests

By Lisa Hilgenberg Abundant spring rain encouraged lush new plant growth which now presents a target for insects. I’m Lisa Hilgenberg from the Chicago Botanic Garden with tips for controlling damaging insects in your garden. Identification of bugs will help determine how best to manage them naturally avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. Aphids, sap […]


Gardening Tips: Controlling Garden Weeds

By Lisa Hilgenberg Hot weather of summer can push unwanted weed growth in gardens and lawns I’m Lisa Hilgenberg from Chicago Botanic Garden with some tips for controlling garden weeds. Weeds are unwanted plants growing in the wrong place. They quickly form colonies that steal water, soil nutrients and sunlight from lawns, garden beds and […]


Gardening Tips: Summer Watering

By Lisa Hilgenberg Plants in the garden need a continuous supply of moisture to grow well when weather is hot and dry. I’m Lisa Hilgenberg from the Chicago Botanic Garden with your summer watering tips. Established trees, shrubs, perennials and vegetables, need 1 inch of water each week. Watching the weather and investing in a […]


Gardening Tips: Perennial Pruning and Maintenance

By Lisa Hilgenberg Spring flowering perennials can be pruned after flowering, a garden task usually done in June. Perennials are plants that live for two or more years dying back to the ground each winter then reappearing in the spring. Thoughtful maintenance keeps them well groomed by deadheading or pruning off older fading flowers coaxing […]


Gardening Tips: Growing Culinary Herbs

By Lisa Hilgenberg Growing culinary herbs is economical and the harvest punches up flavor in the fresh foods and cool drinks of summer. Herbs are beautiful and low maintenance grown in containers. Pest and disease resistant, herbs are beneficial companion plants for vegetable or flower beds. Try planting a variety of herbs together in pots […]


Gardening Tips: Helping Pollinators

By Lisa Hilgenberg Help pollinators by planting a diversified home garden. Honeybees, bumble bees, butterflies and native pollinators are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. They are disappearing due to use of chemical pesticides and environmental stressors like the lack of good nutrition. Create a pollinator garden by simply […]


Gardening Tips: Homegrown Tomatoes

By Lisa Hilgenberg There’s hardly a gardening pleasure more popular than planting and harvesting homegrown tomatoes. Tomatoes are a warm season crop and should be planted outdoors early in June when the danger of frost has past and soils have begun to warm. Garden centers offer disease resistant tomato plants that are ready to transplant […]


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