Chilly In The Afternoon, Another Freeze Warning OvernightThe heat wave in March might as well have been last summer, as temperatures apropos of winter made a return overnight.
Below Average Temperatures For The Day, Freeze Watch OvernightThose 80-degree days back in March seem like a distant memory now, as some people were spotted walking around in winter coats Tuesday and a freeze watch is in effect for the overnight hours.
Chilly Afternoon, Freeze Possible OvernightThis Cubs Opening Day won’t be setting any records for cold, but it will require a jacket – and your plants will require protection overnight as a freeze threatens the area.
Chilly Winds Remind Chicago That It's Still MarchThe summerlike spell of 80-plus degree days last week might have led you to forget, but it is, in fact, still March.
Temperatures To Climb To 40s With Increasing SunshineThis is the first day of meteorological spring, but the spring-like temperatures that predominated in the Chicago area 24 hours ago are history.
Cloudy Skies, But Above Average Temperatures For Rest Of DayCloud cover has replaced the intense sunshine of the morning hours, but temperatures will still be above average for the rest of the day Friday.
A Perfect Day To Get Outside With Sunshine, 40sAfter a long stretch of cold, dreary and sometimes snowy days, it’s time to get outside and enjoy sunny and balmy conditions.
Rain Blows Into Area; Some Snow May Come OvernightThe temperatures are back up to the pleasant 40s this Wednesday afternoon, but you’ll be needing your umbrella.