Report: New 'L' Cars Were Pulled Because Of Defective Parts From ChinaNew CTA ‘L’ cars that have been shelved since December will not be back on-line until June, as important repairs must be made first.
CTA Continues Testing Of Recalled New Train CarsThe Chicago Transit Authority is still working on tests for an equipment problem that forced its new fleet of train cars to be taken out of service, according to a published report.
New CTA 'L' Cars Still Sitting Idle As Problems CheckedThere's no sign that the CTA intends to put its newest 'L' cars back in service soon.
Citing 'Caution,' CTA Pulls 40 Rail Cars From Pink LineThe Chicago Transit Authority has pulled 40 new rail cars from service because of a problem with a part on the so-called “5000-Series” model, which has been used on the Pink Line.
CTA To Press New 'L' Train Cars Into ServiceEven if a new car isn’t in the market for you, you’ll soon get that new car feeling from the Chicago Transit Authority.
CTA Set To Purchase More New 'L' CarsThere's light at the end of the tunnel for those hoping to see new 'L' cars in everyday service on the CTA.
CTA Moves Ahead With Plan For New 'L' CarsNearly a year has passed since the Chicago Transit Authority began testing the prototypes for its newest ‘L’ cars in everyday service.
New CTA Train Cars To Return To Red LineThe newest rapid transit cars on the CTA are heading back to the transit agency's most heavily-used route.
New CTA Cars To Run On Yellow, Purple LinesThe newest CTA ‘L’ cars are on the move again.
New CTA Cars Begin Orange Line TestNew cars' power system means no mix-and-matching.