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Police Officer Adopts Baby Daughter Of Homeless Woman Battling Drug Addiction A California police officer who responded to an emergency call of a homeless pregnant woman has adopted her newborn daughter.
Man's Coworker Turns Out To Be His Biological FatherA Wisconsin man just found out his work buddy is more than just a co-worker. He is actually his father.
Dozens Of Dogs Rescued From Animal HoarderAdult canines and three liters of puppies are going to be checked out by vets, vaccinated, chipped and eventually put up for adoption.
Chicago Police And Fire Officials Celebrate "Safe Haven Awareness Month"The Chicago Police and fire departments are touting local safe haven laws and celebrating the success stories.
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Plainfield Girl Asks To Be Adopted At Her Own Graduation PartyThis weekend, Lauren presented her mom’s boyfriend with a very special gift to make their father-daughter relationship official.
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