Crime Commission Produces 1st Of Anti-Heroin Ads
CTA Buses Now Displaying 'My Jihad' AdsThe CTA ads display jihad goals like building friendships, saying fit or marching on despite loss of a child.
Ads Stir Controversy On CTA BusesControversial ads have appeared on 10 CTA buses -- and the transit agency says it could do nothing to prevent them from running.
Teachers' Strike Over, But Both Sides Still Working To Spin The DisputeAbout 357,000 Chicago kids were back in their classrooms Wednesday. So were their teachers. But the shock waves from the nine-day teachers’ strike were still being felt, and not only in Chicago.
Offensive Or Thought-Provoking? 'Deserve To Die' Ads Are Turning HeadsIn case you haven’t noticed, pay phones are still around. You might want to take a closer look at them – or at least the posters affixed to them.
Few Thrilled With Bank Of America Ads On BridgeThe Wabash Avenue Bridge won a prize as the most beautiful steel bridge of the year when it was completed in 1930, but suddenly this month, it has become a bridge brought to you by Bank of America.
Groupon Pulling Ads After Criticism Pile-OnThe Chicago online power-marketer apologizes for offending people with its Tibet-themed commercial, which debuted during the Super Bowl.
Men's Grooming Industry GrowingAs CBS 2’s Susan Carlson reports, the men's grooming industry is growing 8 percent a year, while the women's market has actually declined during the recession.
Black Friday Deals That Are Worth The WaitThere’s just two more days till Black Friday. Retailers are offering thousands of bargains, but which ones are worth it? CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker has suggestions from the experts.
Walter's Perspective: Expensive Campaign AdsOne week: that's all that's left until the midterm elections. And for some, that's seven more grueling days of listening to campaign ads. Walter Jacobson says you'll see more campaign ads than ever. They are not cheap. And that has Walter a little worked up.