City Of Evanston To Use Cannabis Revenue For Reparations Fund For African-American Residents
Hundreds Of African American Deaths In Red Summer Ignored Century LaterHistorians estimate more than 200 African Americans were killed by whites.
Local Lawyer Fights Facebook Over Post: 'It Was Starving Human Beings'"I was amazed. I could not believe. There was absolutely nothing sexual about this picture. There's absolutely nothing about nudity in this picture. It was starving human beings."
Report: Blacks, Latinos At Risk Of Undercount In 2020 CensusUndercounting could diminish power and money in those areas for the next decade. The 2020 census determines the allocation of more than $675 billion in federal spending on schools, transportation and health care, as well which states gain or lose U.S. congressional seats.
Blacks Are No Longer America's Most Economically Divided Racial GroupThe widening gap between rich and poor Asians is due to a number of factors, with immigration playing a key role.
Studies Find African Americans Twice As Likely To Have Alzheimer'sFebruary marks Black History Month and the Alzheimer's Association is hoping to raise awareness.
EEOC: Rosebud Restaurants Will Pay $1.9M; Recruit And Hire BlacksRosebud Restaurants will pay nearly $2 million for refusing to recruit and hire black employees, and allowing managers to use slurs to refer to blacks.
Study Shows 'Troubling Trend' In African American, Latino SuburbsAlden Loury, director of research with the Metropolitan Planning Council, says some communities are losing both people and jobs.
Chicago Urban League Teaches African Americans Job Hunting SkillsThe latest U.S. unemployment rate may not tell the whole story about joblessness in the city's African American neighborhoods.
Chicago’s Thompson Center Holds Black History Month CelebrationThe “Building for the Future" event honored the contributions of African Americans in Illinois. Governor Bruce Rauner attended the program.
Chicago Public Library Shares African American History With Digital ArchiveThe Chicago Public Library launched a digital archive representing African American "History Makers."