BGA: Transparency 'Training Course' Insufficient For Illinois OfficialsA new law taking effect on Jan. 1 will mandate Illinois public officials learn more about transparency, but a good government group says it’s not enough.
Survey To Measure Booming Growth Of Illinois Wine IndustryThe Illinois wine industry is growing, and a census of sorts will help vintners realize how much it has grown in the past five years.
Auditor: State Capitol Architect Lacks Long-Range PlansThe architect in charge at the Illinois State Capitol has come under fire for not properly planning for the future of the Capitol Complex.
Small Cemeteries May Win Exemption From Regulations Aimed At Burr OakSmall cemeteries, pending the approval of Gov. Pat Quinn, will be exempt from many strict standards imposed after the infamous grave reselling scandal at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip.
Lawmakers Pushing For Rollback Of Corporate Income Tax HikeIllinois House Republicans – and even some House Democrats – want to roll back the state’s corporate income tax increase, but there’s no serious talk of also rolling back the personal income tax hike.
Durbin Pushing For Broadcast Of Supreme Court HearingsAnother effort is under way to require broadcast audio and video coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Illinois GOP Congressman Pushes For Federal Concealed Carry LawMembers of the Republican Congressional delegation in Illinois hope to get around state lawmakers’ unwillingness to pass concealed carry legislation, by means of federal law.
House Reaches Deal For Tax Breaks For Sears, CMEIllinois lawmakers will try again to pass a measure aimed at keeping two of the state’s largest companies from jumping ship.
State Treasurer Auctioning Off Some Unclaimed ItemsThe Illinois State Treasurer’s vault at the state Capitol is running out of room, and Treasurer Dan Rutherford is now auctioning some of the assets online.
BGA: Expect A Lengthy Sentence For BlagojevichThe Better Government Association thinks federal prosecutors will win the hefty sentence they are seeking for deposed Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
Simon Wants High Schools To Require More MathIllinois Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon wants to require high school students to take more math classes.
State Rep: Put Gasoline Taxes Toward Capital Construction ProjectsAn Illinois lawmaker has revived his idea to put gasoline sales tax proceeds toward capital construction projects, replacing controversial video gambling as a revenue source.
Thieves Steal Copper Sword From Lincoln's TombCopper thieves struck the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln sometime within the last few weeks, and a state lawmaker says his measure will make such crimes harder to commit.
Lawmakers Approve Measure Allowing Hunters To Pick Up RoadkillHunting license holders may now take dead animals from the side of the road, thanks to an override of Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto by the Illinois General Assembly.
Durbin Seeks To Protect Bank Customers From Hidden FeesU.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) wants to ensure bank customers aren't socked with hidden fees, now that the banks have backed off of implementing monthly charges for debit card holders.