Expert: Gunman Standing Over Jeanie Kustok Shot Her In FaceThe star prosecution witness in the Allan Kustok murder trial testified Tuesday that a close-range gunshot was the likely source of blood spatter found on the front side of Kustok’s clothes on the morning his wife died.
In-Law Testifies At Kustok Murder TrialIn court proceedings over the past week, Allan Kustok’s defense attorneys have taken pains to portray Jeanie Kustok as a paranoid wreck who was terrified that someone would invade the couple’s alarm-protected Orland Park home.
At Hospital With Dead Wife, Kustok Got Texts From Another WomanWhile Orland Park detectives peppered Allan Kustok with questions about the shooting death of his wife, several text messages from a potential paramour were sent to his cellphone, requesting an extramarital rendezvous
After Taking Wife's Body To Hospital, Kustok Tells Nurse He's 'Life Of The Party'Allan Kustok lived an apparent double life, maintaining the outward façade of a suburban family man, while carousing and womanizing on the sly, prosecutors said.
Brother Says Jeanie Kustok Would Not Want GunWhile Allan Kustok’s attorneys insisted Friday that his wife wanted a gun for protection at their southwest suburban Orland Park home, Anita “Jeanie” Kustok’s younger brother testified that he and his sister spoke weekly and she never mentioned having a gun, the SouthtownStar reports.
Defense Attorney's Injury Delays Opening Statements In Kustok Murder TrialOpening statements scheduled for Thursday morning in Allan Kustok’s murder trial have been postponed until Friday after defense attorney Rick Beuke slipped on ice outside the courthouse
Expert Doubts Kustok Version Of Wife's DeathA crime scene reconstructionist cast doubt Wednesday on Allan Kustok’s explanation of how his wife died, saying it was unlikely that Anita “Jeanie” Kustok could have shot herself with a revolver that her husband gave her for their 34th wedding anniversary.
Seven Jurors Picked In Kustok Murder TrialProsecutors say Allan Kustok killed his wife with a powerful .357-caliber revolver that he gave her several weeks earlier for their 34th anniversary.
Divergent Theories For Kustok TrialAs the murder trial of Allan Kustok gets underway Tuesday with jury selection, one fact is not in dispute: A revolver he gave his wife several weeks earlier for their 34th anniversary was used to kill her.
Judge Allows Evidence Of Extramarital Affairs In Kustok Murder TrialAllan Kustok is accused of shooting his wife in the head as she slept on the morning of Sept. 29, 2010, in their bedroom at their Orland Park house.
Trial Nears In Kustok Murder CaseWith a week to go before Allan Kustok goes on trial for allegedly murdering his wife, one of his lawyers indicated Monday that he may need more time to review evidence in the case.