Plane Forced To Return To Gate After Flight Attendants Become SickThe American Airlines flight from Chicago to Charlotte was forced to return to the gate Saturday afternoon.
Caught On Video: American Airlines Supervisor's Profanity-Laced Tirade After Mechanic Writes Up Safety IssueA profanity-laced video has raised questions about safety on one of the biggest airlines at O’Hare International Airport, and about what is acceptable behavior in the workplace.
American Airlines Cuts Bag Fees For Some Sports, Music gearTravelers will still be charged $150 for some items including antlers and scuba tanks, and extra fees also apply to gear weighing more than 50 pounds.
More Cancellations For Boeing's 737 Max PlanesThe widespread cancellations come after the Max's anti-stall software was implicated in two fatal crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia since October.
American Airlines Cancels Max Flights Through Mid-AugustBoeing aims to finish fixing the planes in late April, and changes would have to be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration and foreign regulators for approval.
American Airlines Cancels 737 Max Flights Through Mid-AugustThe announcement made American the second major carrier to cancel Max flights through the busy summer season.
American Airlines Extends Max-Caused Cancellations To June 5Chicago based-Boeing and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said last week the company needs more time to finish changes in a flight-control system suspected of playing a role in the two crashes. That means airlines could be forced to park their Max jets longer than they expected.
Police Say Drunk Passenger Urinated On Luggage During Flight From Chicago To CharlottePolice say a drunk passenger urinated on another passenger's luggage during a flight from Chicago to Charlotte, North Carolina.
Two Planes Nearly Collide In Close Call Near O'HareInvestigators at O'Hare International Airport are trying to figure out how two planes nearly collided Friday around noon.
Disruptive Jetliner Passenger Sentenced To PrisonA Brazilian man who caused a jetliner flight to be diverted to Cedar Rapids has been sentenced to a year and a day in prison.
Chicago-Bound Flight Returns To Airport After Reports Of Fumes Chicago-bound passenger jet has had to return to a Connecticut airport after what the FAA described as fumes were reported on board.
Chicago Cubs Surprise Pediatric Patients With Spring Training TripSeven pediatric patients were surprised with an invitation to Spring Training.
'It's A Scam,' Travel Website Offering Luxury Deals InvestigatedSpendelicious, a luxury travel website, promises elite status in hotels and airline loyalty programs for a fee. Airlines and travel-industry experts are calling the website a “scam.” 
American Airlines Opening Massive New Hangar At O'Hare International AirportThe first new aircraft hangar in 30 years at O’Hare International Airport opens on Friday, when American Airlines will show off its $215 million facility.
Small Fire On Chicago Flight Caused By E-CigaretteA passenger's e-cigarette caused a small fire on a plane that landed in Chicago Friday night, according to an American Airlines spokesperson.