PAWS Dog Of The Week: HoustonHe already knows sit, shake and is perfect family would have a yard and be with adults or older children only.
Luis Is The PAWS Dog Of The WeekHe is very food motivated which is helpful to earn his trust.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: Garrett
Welles Is The PAWS Pet Of The WeekWelles quiet and well-mannered, but her tiny, adorable meow comes out at meal times.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: FloritaFlorita would do best in a home with no other pets or children. And women only. She really wants to be the star of the show.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: EmmeEmme is hoping to be adopted into a home with another friendly cat and kids older than 12.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: BelinaThis one-year-old boxer mix has a wonderful personality and a big passion for training and learning new tricks. She'll flop on the floor if she doesn’t get her way, but will quickly bounce back and run over and give you kisses.
A Happy Ending For Max (Vinny The Pit Bull) Left For Dead In Garbage Bag"When Max saw Aaron, he started leaping through the air and straining and pulling to get to him. Max was shrieking and barking with total joy. And every one of us burst into sobs."
PAWS Dog Of The Week: RileyRiley needs a quiet home with another pup where she will feel loved and confident.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: LeroyIf you live in a quiet home without any children and have had a little man like him before, he might be you perfect match.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: DuncanDuncan is a huge fan and belly rubs but prefers to take time to get to know strangers. Duncan will do best in an adults-only home that's looking for a lovable pup.