Appellate Judges May Decide Fate Of Two Dogs Held At City Pound For Last 4 YearsThe city wants to euthanize Thumbellina and Moo Moo and maintains they are dangerous. Owner Charlette Wortham disagrees. WBBM's Steve Miller reports.
County Official Critical Of Animal Control DepartmentWith county budget hearings about to get under way, Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey has some questions about the Department of Animal and Rabies Control.
Animal Control Worker Seriously Injured In Pit Bull AttackAn animal control worker was seriously injured after being mauled by a pit bull Monday morning, according to Chicago Fire Media.
North Chicago Animal Shelter Under FireSome city officials disagree that stray animals are being neglected at North Chicago's animal pound, which is staffed by a lone employee.
Someone You Should Know: Animal Shelter VolunteerStephanie Bekker spends six days a week helping to socialize dogs at the city's animal shelter, in hopes they can be adopted. CBS 2's Harry Porterfield reports.
Dangerous Dog Put Down After Mistakes, Another BiteOfficials in Kendall County say Moose the dog will not hurt anyone else ever again.
Baby Coyote Found Hiding At Car DealershipA baby coyote with apparent expensive taste was rescued Wednesday morning after it was it was found hiding underneath a car at a parking structure for a Goose Island Mercedes-Benz service center.
City Shuts Down 2 Animal HospitalsChicago's animal care and control agency suspends the licenses of Joseph Luka's Chicago animal clinics, citing code violations.