Chicago Inspector General Investigating Mayor Lightfoot’s Office, City Officials For ‘Possible Misconduct’ In Anjanette Young RaidThe OIG’s investigation comes a month after CBS 2 first aired the disturbing body camera video showing officers entering Young’s home and handcuffing her while she was naked.
In Letter, Lightfoot Tells Judge Not To Sanction Attorney In Anjanette Young Wrong Raid CaseMayor Lori Lightfoot personally wrote to a judge, asking him to not sanction the lawyer in the case of Anjanette Young, who was naked when her home was wrongly raided by Chicago Police. 
Chicago Police ‘Illegal, Violent’ Raids Violate Consent Decree, Attorneys Say, Forcing City Back to Federal CourtA team of attorneys instrumental in the Chicago Police consent decree took legal action against the city Wednesday, saying it failed to make critical changes to stop a pattern of unconstitutional raids.
Hundreds Hold Caravan In Favor Of Police Reform In Wake Of Anjanette Young Wrong Raid ExposureThere is growing support for Anjanette Young, who was the target of a botched Chicago Police raid.
Despite Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Claims, The Chicago Police Department Isn’t Tracking Wrong Raids Like The One On Anjanette Young’s HomeMayor Lori Lightfoot claimed Tuesday that Chicago Police developed a system to track wrong raids, but in reality, policy loopholes continue to leave many unaccounted for and untracked.
Chicago Aldermen To Review Proposals On Police Accountability TuesdayChicago aldermen have a chance to present their ideas to hold city police officers more accountable.
What The CBS 2 Investigators Uncovered In 2020As we close out 2020 – a challenging year unlike anything we’ve seen before – we wanted to take a moment to focus on why what we do matters.
Chicago Faith Leaders Say They're Closer To Congressional Hearings On Wrong Raids After Meeting With Rep. Danny DavisChicago pastors on Thursday said they are one step closer to congressional hearings about wrong raids by Chicago Police, after meeting with U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Illinois).
Mayor Lightfoot Meets For First Time With Anjanette Young, Who Was Handcuffed Naked In Botched Police RaidMayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday met with Anjanette Young, the woman who was handcuffed naked during a botched raid by Chicago Police.
Chicago Activists Call For Mayor Lightfoot's Resignation, Claim Coverup In CPD's Botched Raid At Anjanette Young's HomeSome Chicago pastors are asking for congressional hearings about the case.
City Releases More Than 150 Pages Of Documents About Anjanette Young Raid; Emails Show Mayor Lightfoot Knew About Raid In 2019Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office on Wednesday released several staff emails and other documents related to the city’s response to the botched police raid in which Anjanette Young was handcuffed naked in her home.
Pastors Issue Letter To Members Of Congress Calling For Hearings On Wrong RaidsSome pastors are putting the pressure on lawmakers to hold congressional hearings on wrong raids by Chicago Police.
Backlash Directed At Mayor Lightfoot After Meeting With Anjanette Young Is CanceledThere was backlash at City Hall on Tuesday after a meeting between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Anjanette Young was suddenly canceled.
Anjanette Young's Attorney Cancels Plans For Meeting With Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Will Move Forward With Lawsuit Over Wrong Raid"The Mayor declined Ms. Young’s request to meet with her in the manner that Ms. Young had requested—a manner that was best for her, her healing and Transparency," attorney Keenan Saulter said.
Anjanette Young, Who Was Handcuffed Naked During Wrong Police Raid, Agrees To Meet With Mayor Lori LightfootAnjanette Young has agreed to meet with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot after the wrong raid of Young's home, when officers handcuffed her while she was naked.