Pro-Trump Demonstration At Twitter Headquarters Appears To Be A Bust, Twitter Claims To Respect ‘People’s Right To Express Their Views’:A demonstration by supporters of President Donald Trump to protest his ban from the Twitter social media platform outside the company's San Francisco headquarters appeared to be a bust Monday morning.
'We Are Really At A Crisis Point For Our Democracy, Economy': Sally Hubbard On Big Tech Corporations & Book 'Monopolies Suck'Big corporations like Facebook, Amazon and Apple dominate our lives, but do they have our best intentions in mind? Sally Hubbard explains why monopolies are ruining our democracy and economy.
Shipment Of Counterfeit Apple AirPods Seized At O'Hare AirportCustoms agents seized a shipment of 25 fake products coming in from China.
Scammers Take $5,000 From Suburban Mom After Fraudulent Ads Pop Up On GoogleAbbey Coffey is a mother of three. Santa got her son a new iPod, but on the day after Christmas his Apple ID wasn’t working, so she Googled "Apple support number."
1984 Apple Macintosh Computer Sold At Auction For $120,000In 1984, Apple launched its ground-breaking Macintosh computer.
Apple Devices Without Latest Updates May Be Vulnerable To Hackers -- And Not All Devices Can Receive UpdatesDo you have the latest updates on Apple? If not, the federal government says you could be opening yourself up to hackers.
Netflix's US Subscriber Growth Slowing As Competition LoomsThe big question now is whether some of Netflix's existing subscribers will decide to cancel its service and defect to cheaper alternatives that Apple and Disney will launch within the next month.
Apple AirPods Lose Power Fast, And There's No Cheap FixAs millions of Apple iPhones are requiring software upgrades this week, CBS2 is uncovering major problems for another Apple brand.
Will Apple's New AirDrop Features Deter Cyber Flashing? Chicago Victims Hope SoIt's called cyber flashing; the act of sending someone an unwanted sexual picture. Several women told CBS 2 they've been targeted on the CTA through Apple's AirDrop feature.
Apple, Google Continue Inclusive Push With New EmojisThere are also wheelchairs, prosthetic arms and legs, as well as a new guide dog and an ear with a hearing aid.
Apple Expected To Announce Long-Awaited Video ServiceApple is expected to announce Monday that it's launching a video service that could compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable TV itself.