1984 Apple Macintosh Computer Sold At Auction For $120,000In 1984, Apple launched its ground-breaking Macintosh computer.
Apple Devices Without Latest Updates May Be Vulnerable To Hackers -- And Not All Devices Can Receive UpdatesDo you have the latest updates on Apple? If not, the federal government says you could be opening yourself up to hackers.
Netflix's US Subscriber Growth Slowing As Competition LoomsThe big question now is whether some of Netflix's existing subscribers will decide to cancel its service and defect to cheaper alternatives that Apple and Disney will launch within the next month.
Apple AirPods Lose Power Fast, And There's No Cheap FixAs millions of Apple iPhones are requiring software upgrades this week, CBS2 is uncovering major problems for another Apple brand.
Will Apple's New AirDrop Features Deter Cyber Flashing? Chicago Victims Hope SoIt's called cyber flashing; the act of sending someone an unwanted sexual picture. Several women told CBS 2 they've been targeted on the CTA through Apple's AirDrop feature.
Apple, Google Continue Inclusive Push With New EmojisThere are also wheelchairs, prosthetic arms and legs, as well as a new guide dog and an ear with a hearing aid.
Apple Expected To Announce Long-Awaited Video ServiceApple is expected to announce Monday that it's launching a video service that could compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable TV itself.
Apple Announces AirPods 2 With Wireless Charging Case, Better Battery Life And 'Hey Siri'The set will be available in two options: with a wireless charging case for $199 or with the normal standard case for $159 -- the same price as the original AirPods.
Apple Unveils New iPad Air, iPad MiniTypically Apple creates fanfare around the arrival of new hardware. But this year it wants the focus of its upcoming spring press event to be on its rumored streaming service. That's why the company let the world know about its new iPads in a press release.
Illinois Sheriff Warns Of Phone ScamA sheriff in Illinois is warning people about a sophisticated phone scam.
Apple Rolls Out Fix For FaceTime Eavesdropping BugThe software updates -- iOS 12.1.4 and macOS Mojave 10.14.3 -- were rolled out to iPhones, iPads and Mac computers on Thursday, nine days after videos of the bug in action went viral on social media.