Warhol Retrospective Reveals Andy's Playful And Provocative Influences"His true genius lies in his ability to identify cultural patterns and to use repetition, distortion, and recycled images in a way that challenges our faith in images and questions the meaning of our cultural icons."
Artist Who Created Paint-By-Numbers Pictures DiesRobbins came up with the idea for paint-by-numbers photos in the 1940s while working for the Palmer Paint Company in Detroit.
UIC Offering Degree To Help Students Become Art TeachersBecause UIC has a large number of diverse students, the hope at the school is that it will be able to help fill the need for more teachers of color in Illinois and throughout the country.
Beyond The Bunny: Art Paul Doc Debuts At Chicago International Film Festival"He was involved in one of the biggest magazines in 20th century popular culture in America, and straddled the fields of art and design as a practitioner."
In Chicago, A Little Art Studio Bridges A Great Divide The stretch of asphalt in the Old Town neighborhood of one of America's most segregated cities starkly separates black and white, haves and have-nots.
#AmazingForAll Sculpture Debuts At Market DaysIt's what artist Matthew Hoffman wants visitors to feel about Chicago and how it celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQ community.
Artist Uses Creations To Help Others Understand SchizophreniaA Chicago man describes having a schizophrenic episode as having two radio stations playing in his head at the same time.
Exhibit Features Ernie Barnes, Football Player Turned Artist"Throughout my five seasons in the arena of professional football, I remained at the deepest level of my being an artist."
Kerry James Marshall Painting "Past Time" Expected To Sell For MillionsA replica of Kerry James Marshall’s painting “Past Time” is on display in the South building at McCormick Place. The retail painting was purchased in 1997 for $25,000 but will soon be up for auction, expecting to sell for millions.
Chicago's Art Institute Receives Historic Money DonationThe Art Institute of Chicago is receiving the largest monetary donation in the museum's history. The museum received two donations totalling $70 million, including a $50 million gift. 
Positively Chicago: Art Rehabilitating PrisonersArt is bringing joy and fulfillment to men in the most unexpected place: Division 11 of the Cook County Jail.