Best Local Chicago ArtistsSupport the Chicago area's art scene by taking a look at the works of these five artists. From paintings to outdoor sculptures, there's art for everyone.
Best Painting Lessons For Adults In ChicagoFinding a creative outlet can be a life changing experience. Adults who are novices or experienced in painting will equally enjoy the painting lessons offered at the following studios in Chicago.
Chicago Artist Showcases Piece At Grant ParkIf you're walking or driving along Michigan Avenue near 9th Street, you won't be able to miss it.
Words Painted On South Loop Crosswalks Puzzle PedestriansFrom the time we're young, we're told to pay attention when we cross the street. Now a wordy display on a stretch of Roosevelt threatens to distract us all.
Japanese Sliding Door Paintings From 1893 Exposition Discovered In Park District Storage FacilityThree Japanese sliding door paintings that were on display during the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago have been discovered in a Park District storage facility.
Best Andy Warhol Exhibits In The U.S.Are you a fan of Andy Warhol's art? Check out the best places in the country to view his work according to Deborah Davis, author of "The Trip: Andy Warhol's Plastic Fantastic Cross-Country Adventure."
Art Exhibit Depicts Isolation Of Solitary ConfinementIt is art you will not see in a museum. The artists are prison inmates who've spent time in solitary confinement.
Chicago Artist's Work Popping Up In Unexpected PlacesA Chicago artist's work is gaining notoriety on the West Coast. This weekend her images appear in Portland, Oregon. CBS 2's Jeremy Ross with more on who she is and why her works are popping up in unexpected places.
The Best Gift Ideas To Bring Back From A TripThis list will give you an idea of what gifts are best to bring back from a trip.
Made In Chicago: The Chicago Mosaic SchoolArtists have been creating mosaics for 5,000 years but the only U.S. school for mosaic art is here in Chicago.
Documentary Tells Complicated Story Of Local Artist Peter AntonA documentary playing at the Siskel Film Center Sunday afternoon aims to tell the complicated story of a prolific local artist.
Grant Park Art Installation "The Watch" Damaged A new art installation in Grant Park was damaged - apparently overnight - and today pieces that broke off the artwork are still visible on the ground.
CTA Unveils Renderings For Red Line Station Artwork The city of Chicago and the CTA unveiled renderings on Monday for original artwork that will be installed on eight South Side Red Line stations between the Cermak-Chinatown stop and the 87th Street Station.
Center Dedicated To Chicago Artist Ed Paschke Opens In Jefferson ParkThe Ed Paschke Art Center opened Sunday in Jefferson Park - a tribute to the internationally acclaimed Chicago artist who died 10 years ago.
Made In Chicago: Artist Chris KnightChris Knight was trying to make his living as a photographer until almost a year ago. And then came the flags.