Bright Future For Cutler And BearsMuch like the public opinion of the Chicago Bears has changed over the last 12 months, quarterback Jay Cutler is being looked at much differently as well.
Not The Greatest, But Maybe The Most Balanced Show On TurfThe Chicago Bears' offense underwent a transformation this season. They went from a pass-heavy to a balanced attacked, and that might be the best fit for the Bears.
Bears Expect 'Aggressive' Packers DefenseOne of the biggest matchups in Sunday's NFC Championship game will be between the Chicago Bears' offense and the Green Bay Packers' defense. The winner of that battle might take the game.
Bears' Offense Can Still Do MoreAt times this season, the Chicago Bears' offense struggled to run the football, protect Jay Cutler and score in the redzone. But as the season progressed they improved in almost every aspect.
Bears Dominated First HalfAfter the first half of the Chicago Bears-Seattle Seahawks game ended, the Bears were looking at a 21-0. It was a first half dominated by the Bears on offense and defense.
Bears Offense Will Challenge SeahawksThe Bears' offense isn't the most dynamic and high powered in the NFL, but they do have the ability to create the big play and beat you if you're out of position.
Olsen's Versatility Makes Him Valuable After losing the Super Bowl in 2006, the Bears selected Greg Olsen with the 31st overall pick in the NFL Draft. While some desire better stats and more blocking because of where he was drafted, his versatility should be the focus.
Running Through The SeahawksFor part of this season the Bears had a pass-heavy offense. It wasn't until they switched over to a more balanced attack that the team became a serious title contender.