Here Are The Chicago Events Organizers Hope To Hold In 2021
Bike The Drive Starts SundayChicago's Lake Shore Drive will be open Sunday -- only to bicyclists.
Cyclists Take Over Lake Shore Drive For Bike The DriveCars took a back seat to bikes this morning as Lake Shore Drive was taken over by cyclists for the annual Bike the Drive.
Thousands Pedal Down LSD For 14th Annual Bike The DriveIt's a sight you only get to see once a year - a view of Lake Shore Drive from a bicycle.
Thousands Of Cyclists Ride In Annual 'Bike The Drive'Organizers of Bike the Drive say as many as 21,000 people two-wheeled their way down Lake Shore Drive today, and that would make it their second biggest year.
Lake Shore Drive To Be Closed To Motorists During Sunday’s “Bike The Drive”The Office of Emergency Management and Communications is alerting drivers of closures on Lake Shore Drive scheduled for Sunday morning.
Thousands Of Bicyclists Take Part In 'Bike The Drive' 20,000 bicyclists were expected at the "Bike the Drive," a 30-mile circuit which closed down Lake Shore Drive from Bryn Mawr on the north to 57th Street on the south.
Thousands Of Cyclists Take Over Lake Shore DriveChicago's 11th annual Bike the Drive shut down Lake Shore Drive for most of Sunday morning, as thousands of cyclists rode along the lakefront.
Bike The DriveLake Shore Drive is closed again this weekend, and a lot more of it than the 3 1/2 miles that shut down for the NATO Summit nearly a week ago. But this time, you might still be able to get on the lakeside highway if you have a bike.
Bystander Saves Life Of Man Suffering Cardiac Arrest During Bike The DriveA 72-year-old bicyclist was revived by paramedics and a bystander who happened to be a doctor after he collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest during the Bike the Drive Sunday morning.