Some Families Who Say They Are Victims Of A Body Part Brokering Scheme Are Angry They May Not Be Part Of CaseWith a plea hearing coming up next month for a father and son duo that is alleged to have been in a body part brokering scheme, families of the alleged victims are learning they may never get to make their voices heard. 
Woman Wants Legislation After Her Father's Body Parts Were Sold In An Alleged Black Market Body Part Brokering SchemeA father with ALS thought he was donating his body to science, but his daughter says she learned her dad's remains were sold to the highest bidder. 
Father Duped In Alleged Black Market Body Part Brokering Scheme Wants Daughter's Body BackJohn Butsch is still waiting to lay his daughter to rest almost five years later after the horror of learning he was duped when donating her body for science. 
Donald Greene, Charged In Alleged Black Market Body Part Brokering Scheme, Still Licensed Funeral Director In IllinoisA man facing federal charges of knowingly selling diseased donated body parts to medical researchers is still technically a funeral director in the state of Illinois. 
Father And Son Charged With Selling Diseased Body Parts In Alleged Brokering SchemeA Chicago area father and son are now federally charged for allegedly knowingly selling diseased body parts. 
Former’s Cop’s Daughter Files Lawsuit Against Alleged Body Part TraffickerPequeena Dixon was told that the box of ashes she was handed two years ago by a north suburban cremation business was her father’s cremains. But when the FBI raided Biological Resource Center of Illinois last month, they made a disturbing find, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday: Dixon’s father’s head, shoulders and legs.
Investigation Continues Into Suburban Crematorium, OfficeAn investigation into the possible illegal selling of human body parts continues after two suburban locations were raided Tuesday.