Congressman Quigley's Bill Would Require New Federal Buildings To Be Bird FriendlyChicago Congressman Michael Quigley hopes to prevent millions of bird deaths annually with legislation he's just introduced in Washington, reports WBBM’s John Cody.
Birders Make Annual Christmas Count Along LakefrontBirders tallied more than 50 species of birds yesterday.
Aurora Hoarder Still Has Birds Inside HomeAn Aurora man found with hundreds of birds in his home still has birds in his home, it was revealed in court on Tuesday.
Birds Rescued From Hoarder's Home Ready For AdoptionThe Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club is putting all of the birds up for adoption beginning Tuesday Dec. 4. CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports.
Rare Sight: Unusual Birds Spotted In Suburban YardsA birdwatcher with 30 years behind the binoculars says birders are seeing incredible numbers of seldom seen birds in suburban back yards.
Bird Club Caring For Hundreds Of Birds Rescued From Aurora Hoarder's HouseHundreds of birds that had been flying free in a trash-strewn townhome in Aurora were in a new home on Saturday.
Aurora Removes 325 Live Birds, 125 Dead Birds From Hoarder's HomeContract workers hired by the city of Aurora removed nearly more than 300 birds from the home of a hoarder in Aurora, after he failed to remove them by a Friday morning deadline.
'Soaring Echoes' Audio Sculpture Brings Bird Sounds To Millennium ParkIt sounded like Big Bird had found a big home on the Millennium Park Lawn this week.
Clock Ticking For Hoarder To Remove Birds From Home Before City Does It For HimAn Aurora homeowner has been working all night, racing the clock to clean up his home, after local officials declared it a nuisance because of the huge mess inside, when they found as many as 300 birds flying around inside the home.
Aurora Gets Court Order To Clean Up Bird Hoarder's HouseA Kane County judge has authorized the city of Aurora to enter a enter the home of a hoarder who has about 300 birds flying inside his house, after he earlier blocked crews from cleaning up the mess inside.
Aurora Bird Hoarder: 'I Was Obsessed'Outside of his west suburban Aurora townhome Monday, Dave Skeberdis admitted right away: “I am a hoarder.”
Dozens Of Birds, Mounds Of Filth Found In Aurora HomeA disturbing discovery of dead birds by a house painter prompted authorities to investigate a case of animal hoarding in Aurora.
Lifeguards Gather To Remember North Avenue Beach 'Bird Lady' Several generations of Chicago lifeguards gathered along the lakefront yesterday to remember "the Bird Lady of North Avenue Beach."
Guide To Lincoln Park ZooAs if a stroll through Lincoln Park on a fine day weren’t enough to convince Chicagoans that city summers are a more than adequate payback for the preceding winter, there are innumerable jewels nestled within the landscape to ensure that great things await you at every turn. Peaceful gardens and ponds, historic buildings and statues, playlots and paths abound, and in the middle of it all is a world-class (and free!) zoo...
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