Amid Blizzard, Firefighters Escort Woman In Labor To HospitalThe woman and her family members were on the way to the hospital, with no choice but to go into the snowstorm, on Sunday night, when her car went off the road.
The Worst Snowstorms In Chicago History<strong>CHICAGO (CBS)</strong> — Here are the top 10 snowstorms in Chicago history, according to the National Weather Service:
"Historic" Blizzard Buries Chicago Area In More Than 19 Inches Of Snow
Principal Announces School Closing with Frozen Parody
East Coast Blizzard Stranding Many Travelers At O'Hare, MidwayThousands of flights across the country have been cancelled because of the storm, including hundreds of flights in Chicago, leaving many people spending the night at the airport.
Airlines Canceling Thousands Of Flights To East Coast Ahead Of Major BlizzardThe potentially historic blizzard in the Northeast might have missed the Midwest, but it was having an impact at Chicago’s airports. Numerous flights at O’Hare and Midway airports have been delayed, and some airlines have begun cancelling flights.
Blizzard Of 1979 Makes Pain Of Winter 2014 A Bit More BearableFor all of the snow that has piled up here, Chicago has avoided "The Big One."
Southwest Cancels 130 Flights At Midway Due To Winter StormSouthwest was facing major backups early Friday, a residual effect of both the snowstorm in the Chicago area over the past couple days, as well as planes being unable to fly to many parts of the Northeast, as a blizzard hits there.
History Lesson: Huge Blizzard Followed Balmy January Day In 1967Once upon a time, a record breaking warm January day in Chicago was followed by a record breaking blizzard.
Blizzard For Denver, But 40s Again For ChicagoThe temperature will be cooling down in Chicago Friday evening, and there could be a little rain or even a flurry or two overnight.
So Far, City Has Spared The Salt This WinterCity officials say they have been been able to get by with spreading much less salt on streets this winter than last thanks to milder temperatures and less snow.
Metra All Ready For Another Blizzard, If NecessarySo far, the Chicago area has had only a dusting of snow. But Metra says it is ready to battle another blizzard -- if one occurs.
City Says It's Ready For Brutal WinterThe City of Chicago says it’s ready for the worst when it comes to winter weather.
Farmers' Almanac: Chicago Will Get Slammed This WinterWe've been hearing that Chicago could be headed for a terrible winter. Now, the Farmers' Almanac is joining the chorus with some grim predictions. CBS 2 meteorologist Megan Glaros reports.
Lake Shore Drive Construction Begins To Avoid Blizzard FiascoRoad construction project beginning today on lake shore drive could have a major impact this winter.