CBS 2 Chicago Accepts National Edward R. Murrow Award For Overall Excellence, Brad Edwards Accepts Murrow Award For Excellence In WritingCBS 2 and Vice President and News Director Jeff Harris was in New York Wednesday night to accept the prestigious Radio Television Digital News Association national Edward R. Murrow Award the station won for overall excellence, and CBS 2 Investigator and main anchor Brad Edwards accepted a national Murrow Award for writing excellence.
Getting Hosed: Bad Water Bills Aren't Chicago's Only Problem -- Many Residents Are Drinking Lead-Laced WaterOver the years, viewers have reached out to the CBS 2 Investigators concerned about the high levels of lead in their drinking water. 
Barbara Edwards, CBS 2's Brad Edwards' Aunt, Was Killed On 9/11; For A Family, The Fireball Still Burns 20 Years LaterThis is an untold story of the Pentagon - like the many untold stories amongst the literal hundreds to stories of World Trade Center loss. It’s a story that involves the family of CBS 2’s own Brad Edwards.
CBS 2's Brad Edwards Welcomes Students At Edgar Allan Poe ElementaryAnchor Brad Edward rang the bell at Edgar Allan Poe Elementary School Monday morning. 
Years After Promise Of $100,000 From State And Photo-Op Prop Check, AMVETS Post 14 In Clinton, Illinois Has Not Seen A DimeA few years ago, a photo op from the State of Illinois showed a giant prop check being held up for downstate veterans – made out in the amount of $100,000. But those veterans have not seen a dime.
Jamari Dent, Who Tried To Commit Suicide After Merciless Bullying At School, Dies At Age 13Jamari Dent, a 13-year-old special needs student who tried to hang himself he was mercilessly bullied at school, has died of the brain injury he suffered as a result of his failed suicide attempt.
Chicago Pride History Makers: Art Johnston And Pepe Peña, Founders Of Sidetrack Bar And Advocates For JusticeArt Johnston and José “Pepe” Peña were just two guys who met at a bar and fell in love. The problem was that society had a problem with them. They were gay, and it was shortly before gay men started dying of a strange disease.
When Chicagoans Are Getting Billed For Five Figures For Water They're Not Using, Why Is It So Hard To Get Answers? CBS 2 Asks Mayor LightfootCBS 2's Tara Molina was able to ask Mayor Lori Lightfoot two questions at her water-related press conference - and one of them focused on how hard it is to get information from the city’s Water Department on water issues.
Getting Hosed: City Offers 91-Year-Old Retired CPS Teacher A "Payment Plan" For A $57,000 Water BillThe bill for her Southside six-flat is now nearly $60,000 — for water that was never used. In fact, the building has been boarded up and vacant since her last tenant moved out in 2018. 
Law Professor Sharon Fairley: Derek Chauvin Verdict In George Floyd's Death Will Be 'Defining Moment' For Many Young People, Sends Message About What's Possible In ChicagoA local expert on Tuesday said the conviction of fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin will be a defining moment for many young people seeking change, and will serve also as a lesson in Chicago that such convictions are possible.
UChicago Medicine's Dr. Emily Landon Has Message For Those Who Might Be Worried After Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Is 'Paused'Dr. Emily Landon, an infectious disease specialist from UChicago Medicine, joined CBS 2’s Brad Edwards Tuesday evening to explain what she would tell people who have doubts because of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine pause.