At Least 15 Men Near Ground Zero After 9/11 Have Breast Cancer, Law Firm SaysA New York City law firm claims to have around 15 male clients who are suffering from breast cancer believed to be linked to toxins from Ground Zero.
Olivia Newton-John Opens Up On Battling Cancer For Third TimeOlivia Newton-John has opened up about battling cancer for the third time. Last year, the singer canceled her tour after she learned that she had "breast cancer that [had] metastasized to the sacrum." 
New Breast Cancer Treatments Helping Women Live Longer, Better LivesA new clinical trial for metastastic breast cancer patients combines four different targeted drugs to try to stop cancer cells from growing and spreading.
Multi-Gene Test May Find Risk Of Heart Disease And MoreYou know your cholesterol, your blood pressure... your heart gene score? Researchers say a new way of analyzing genetic test data may one day help identify people at high risk of a youthful heart attack in time to help.
New Study: Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer Can Skip ChemoA landmark study out of Chicago found most women in the early stages of the disease can safely skip chemotherapy.
Study: Many Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip Chemotherapy"The impact is tremendous. Most women in this situation don't need treatment beyond surgery and hormone therapy."
Thousands Run And Walk To Fight Breast CancerThere were also special tributes for cancer survivors.
'Grace': A Breast Cancer Survivor's Story And How She Reclaimed Confidence With Body Art Grace Lombardo battled with breast cancer and now she’s showing the world just how she reclaimed her body and her confidence.
Breast Cancer Screening, What Every Woman Should Know Millions of women may be in the dark about their breast health.
Biotech Company Seeks FDA Approval To Bring Breast Cancer Diagnostic Test To MarketA Gary company may be a step closer to bringing its advanced screening test for breast cancer to market.
Clinical Breast Cancer Trials Underway At Northwestern, Promising Drug To Treat Early StagesClinical trials are underway to test a medication that is already approved for menopausal symptoms but it also may prevent and better treat early stages of breast cancer.