PETA Seeks Records On 54 Stingray Deaths At Brookfield ZooAn animal rights organization has filed a lawsuit against Brookfield Zoo located outside Chicago in a search for documents that could shed light on the 2015 deaths of 54 stingrays.
Baby Porcupine Born At Brookfield ZooA tiny porcupette (baby porcupine) born July 2 is being bottle-fed at Brookfield Zoo after his mother stopped nursing him. 
Brookfield Zoo Welcomes Baby Dik-Dik Antelope, Among World's SmallestBambi, eat your heart out. An adorable baby antelope has been born at Brookfield Zoo, and it might be the most precious creature ever to stand on four legs.
Animals Try To Keep Cool At The ZooSloth bears and the big cats are getting blocks of ice filled with pieces of fruit and bone.
Veterinarians Perform CT Scan On Brookfield Zoo RhinoA seven-year-old Rhino at Brookfield Zoo began having trouble breathing in December.
Brookfield Zoo Black Rhino Layla Has First-Ever CAT ScanA black rhino in need of a CAT scan got some special accommodations at Brookfield Zoo.
Brookfield Zoo Welcomes Reindeer FawnBunny, a reindeer at Brookfield Zoo, welcomed a female fawn on April 2, 2018. The unnamed fawn has a sibling, a brother who was born last year.
Brookfield Zoo Animals Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day TreatsSome of the animals at Brookfield Zoo are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with shamrock-shaped and green treats.
PHOTOS: Valentine's Day Treats For Animals At Brookfield ZooSeveral animals at Brookfield Zoo received heart-shaped treats from the animal care staff on Wednesday to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Ramar, One Of Brookfield Zoo's Male Gorillas, Turns 50Ramar, a western lowland gorilla at Brookfield Zoo, turned 50 this month making him one of the oldest gorillas in an accredited North American zoo.
PHOTOS: Brookfield Zoo Welcomes Gray Seal PupA gray seal pup was born Dec. 26 at Brookfield Zoo.
Brookfield Zoo Animals Enjoying Wintry WeatherThe arctic blast is an invitation for most to stay indoors, but for some Brookfield Zoo animals, the cold weather means playtime!
Brookfield Zoo Euthanizes Oldest Male Polar Bear In North AmericaBrookfield Zoo made the decision Friday to euthanize Aussie, the oldest male polar bear in an accredited North American zoo.
Great-Grandmother Giraffe Mithra Euthanized At Brookfield ZooA great-grandmother giraffe, the matriarch of the herd at Brookfield Zoo, has been euthanized after 25 years at the west suburban zoo.
Brookfield Zoo Guests Can Now See Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat JoeyNine months after birth, Brookfield Zoo guest can now see a new addition, a southern hairy-nosed wombat joey.