Mayor Lightfoot To Address City's Budget Plans, Chicago Faces $838 Million ShortfallMayor Lori Lightfoot will address the city's budget plans, and her plans to dig Chicago out of debt.
Full Text: Mayor Lori Lightfoot's State Of The City AddressHere is the complete text of Mayor Lori Lightfoot's State of the City address.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says City Has $838 Million Budget Shortfall, Warns Of Consequences If Casino, Pension Reform Don't Go Through
Governor Pritzker: 'I Choose A Fair Tax System To Get Us Out Of This Mess'"We need fundamental tax reform. I choose a fair tax system to get us out of this mess."
Mayor Rahm Emanuel To Present 'Feel Good' Final Budget PlanThis is the mayor’s eighth budget, and pushback from aldermen is expected to be light, if any.
Emanuel Budget Plan: 911 Tax Hike, Higher Uber Fees, Amusement Tax RedoThe mayor has been dropping hints about his 2018 budget proposal for weeks.
Dems And Their Allies Bash Gov. Rauner On Eve Of State Budget AddressOn Valentine's Day, homecare workers and those they care for call Rauner heartless for insisting on reforms that for two years have held up a budget.
Governor Rauner Outlines Two Budget Choices For LawmakersIn an attempt to end Illinois' historic budget stalemate, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner said Wednesday that lawmakers have only two options: Implement his cost-saving proposals in exchange for a $36 billion budget, or give him authority to make $4 billion in cuts.
Emanuel To Aldermen: Raise Property Taxes, Or Lay Off Cops And FirefightersMayor Rahm Emanuel told aldermen Tuesday the city must raise property taxes by $543 million to shore up police and firefighter pension funds, or face laying off thousands of firefighters and police officers.
Rauner Calls For Billions In Budget CutsDelivering his first budget address since winning office last fall, Gov. Bruce Rauner said his plan would end "the irresponsible and reckless practices of the past." He said lawmakers must be willing to make politically unpopular decisions to close a more than $6 billion budget hole next year.
Quinn Proposes Making 2011 Income Tax Hike PermanentGov. Pat Quinn outlined his case Wednesday for making Illinois' temporary income tax increase permanent, predicting "extreme and radical" budget cuts to schools and services without additional revenue.