Fire Department Has To Hose Down 100th Street Bridge Amid HeatIt was so hot Wednesday afternoon that the 100th Street Bridge over the Calumet River had to be hosed down.
Fire Department Rescues Crewmember After Fall Into Cargo Hold Of Freighter Ship On Calumet RiverThe Fire Department rescued a crewmember from a freighter ship Tuesday afternoon, after the worker fell 100 feet into a cargo hold.
Wind-Blown Barge Damages 100th Street Bridge; Span Closed For Two WeeksThe 100th Street bridge over the Calumet River has been closed for repairs, after a barge came loose amid high winds on Wednesday and struck the underside of the bridge.
A Year Later, No Barricades At Boat Launch Where Two Men Died"It's been a whole year, 12 months, and it's still not blocked off. It could happen to anybody."
Ewing Avenue Bridge Would Not Go Down Because Metal Expanded In HeatThe Ewing Avenue Bridge over the Calumet River would not go down Wednesday afternoon, causing a headache for drivers. 
Mother Files Lawsuit After Son And Friends Accidentally Drive Into Calumet RiverDemetrius Hendricks and Christopher Henderson died after driving into the Calumet River on Nov. 4 of last year during heavy rainfall.
Months Later, No Barrier At Boat Ramp Where Two Men Drowned Driving Into River"Shocked wasn't even the word. I was more hurt than anything. I felt they really didn't care about what happened to the next person. Putting nothing up shows me you really don't have no remorse at all."
Lawsuit Filed In Double Drowning In Calumet RiverThe family of a man who drowned in the Calumet River last month blames a local marina for not posting warning signs near a boat launch ramp.
Second Body Recovered From Calumet RiverA Chicago police spokesperson said the medical examiner's office is currently conducting a positive identification on the person found on Friday.
UPDATE: Police Recover Male Body From Calumet RiverDavontae Searcy, Demetrius Hendricks and Christopher Henderson were in a red Pontiac Grand Prix early Sunday morning when their car went into the river. Henderson made it out of the vehicle and was found walking on a nearby street in a dazed state. 
'There's Nowhere To Stop' Men Missing After Driving Into Calumet RiverIn the light of day, it can be seen that West 136th Street leads straight to a boat ramp. There are no signs warning drivers. The road ends and the river begins.