Rauner Campaign Drops Bleeped F-Bomb In 'Unholy Union' Ad Slamming PritzkerThe TV ad depicts a wedding ceremony, with stand-ins for Pritzker and Madigan standing at an altar, taking vows.
Pritzker Campaign Workers File Lawsuit, Claiming 'Cesspool Of Racial Discrimination'The lawsuit filed in federal court on Tuesday claims the campaign “herded” African-American and Latino campaign workers into minority neighborhoods.
Illinois Democrat Sean Casten Among House Candidates Raising Eye-Popping Sums For November ElectionThe money, coming largely from small-dollar donors, has given these Democrats a chance in lean-Republican districts, leveling the playing field for a group of would-be lawmakers.
Early Voting Begins In Cook County Ahead Of November ElectionEarly voting in Cook County began Thursday, but in limited locations. Until the end of October, only one early voting site, located in the Loop, will be open for city voters.
Fact Checking Peter Roskam And Sean Casten Political AdsA new ad by democratic challenger Sean Casten claims Congressman Peter Roskam and Trump are practically joined at the hip. CBS 2’s Political Reporter Derrick Blakley fact-checked those claims.
Obama To Unveil 'Pointed' Midterm Message In Speech At University Of IllinoisPresident Barack Obama, to the chagrin of some Democrats, has spent much of 2018 on the sidelines to what top party operatives believe is a generational fight against President Donald Trump. That ends Friday.
House Speaker Paul Ryan Attends Campaign Luncheon For Congressman Randy HultgrenHouse Speaker Paul Ryan was in Chicago to raise money for Congressman Randy Hultgren.
Terra Costa Howard Attacks Rep. Peter Breen's Pro-Life ViewsDemocratic like nominee for State Representative, Terra Costa Howard, are choosing abortion as a key issue in the race for State Representative.
Kwame Raoul's Ad Takes Aim At Erika Harold's Alleged Anti-Gay Comments In IL Attorney General RaceA war of words is heating up the attorney general’s race, based on what the Republican candidate allegedly said almost 20 years ago.
Results Come In For Primaries In Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota, And WisconsinVoters headed to the polls Tuesday night in Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota and Wisconsin, as the 2018 calendar barrels ahead toward November.
Obama Offers Democrats Tough Love Ahead Of Midterms: 'Enough Moping'Obama warned fellow Democrats it is not enough to lament Donald Trump's presidency or complain about the impact he is having on the country.
Colorado Democrat Could Become First Openly Gay Man Elected Governor In USRep. Jared Polis is on the path to becoming America's first openly gay governor after clinching the Democratic nomination to become Colorado's next chief executive Tuesday night.
New Poll Finds Surge In Young Voters Planning To Vote In MidtermsMore young Americans are saying they will vote in the upcoming midterm elections than in the last two midterms, according to a new national poll released Tuesday by the Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics.
How Much Did Pritzker, Rauner Spend, Per Vote?The two billionaire candiates for governor in Illinois have spent tens of millions of dollars, and that's just in the primary.
Lipinski Ekes Out Victory Over Newman In 3rd Congressional DistrictIn the general election, Lipinski will face Republican Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier who ran unopposed in the GOP primary.