Man Charged With Conspiring With Postal Worker Brother To Sell Federal Stimulus Checks That Were Stolen From MailA man was indicted on federal charges this week on charges that that he conspired with his U.S. Postal worker brother to sell government stimulus checks that were stolen from the mail.
Theater Operators Hope Hospitality Grants Are 'Enough' To Reopen Next Year: 'This Has Been A Very Long 10 Months'“It’s going to allow us to get caught up."
COVID-19 Financial Assistance Available In Cook County"We will continue to work diligently to do everything we can to keep businesses operational. And resources residents need to stay in their homes. That's a promise."
Preckwinkle To Cook County Suburbs: Get Your Share Of CARES Act MoneyMoney can be used for direct pandemic needs including personal protective equipment (PPE) and payroll costs for first responders.
What Might A Second Stimulus Payment Look Like For You?A second stimulus payment grows more likely by the day, with coronavirus surging and the fate of the economy hanging in the balance.
Aldermen Approve Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Plan For Spending $1.13 Billion In COVID-19 Stimulus FundsA group of aldermen this week sent Lightfoot a letter demanding a promise not to spend any of those funds on policing, but the mayor's office has made no such promises.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Announces $5 Million Fund To Provide Cash Assistance To Chicagoans Excluded From Stimulus Checks“We know $1,000 may not go a long way, but it certainly will help in these troubling times, so that families can stay in their home, put food on the table, and pay utility bills," said Raul Raymudo, co-founder and CEO of The Resurrection Project.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Projects $700 Million Budget Deficit This Year Due To COVID-19“That’s a sobering number, and it presents a sobering challenge any way you look at it,” Lightfoot said Tuesday afternoon at City Hall.
U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth Pushes Fix For Parents Of Babies Born This Year To Get Stimulus Funds Quicker"This is something that they are entitled to anyway, just don't make them wait 18 months for it," Duckworth told CNN in an interview Friday.
Illinois To Receive Less CARES Act Funding Per Positive COVID-19 Case Than Neighboring States
Hospitals Take Huge Financial Hits Because Of COVID-19"It has an impact on the viability of the entire community."