'He Cleaned Me Out': Contractor Walks Off $26,000 Job; Takes Homeowner's Supplies With HimFannie Fowler hired Keith Fields, owner of BWF Construction, to remodel her home in the Burnside neighborhood.
Watchdog Expects Electric Rate Ripoffs Ahead Of New Consumer Protection LawsGet ready for a summer of ripoffs. In the last four years, Illinois residents have overpaid more than $600 million for electricity, and it’s about to get worse.
State Agencies Leading Crackdown On Questionable Stem Cell ClinicsPatients in pain have been paying thousands of dollars for treatments that don't work.
Family Of 8-Year-Old Handcuffed By Chicago Police Raid Files Federal Civil Rights LawsuitA federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the family of an 8-year-old who was handcuffed by Chicago Police when they raided a home in March.
Another Family Says Chicago Police Pointed Guns at Children During Raid, Handcuffed 8-Year-OldJust before they began to get ready for school on a Friday morning, 8-year-old Royal Wilson, his siblings and his mother said they woke up to flashing lights and the sound of a bullhorn.
Parents May Have To Pay For Pre-K In Lincoln Park"I think this school is lacking diversity. I hope the plan they're putting in place will increase diversity."
Healthcare Bills Left Unpaid By Bankrupt Employer 'HOBO' Finally ResolvedNearly 100 employees of a bankrupt business that owes thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills are finally seeing relief.
No Justice: How The Chicago Police Department Has Failed To Solve Thousands Of Rape Cases In Last DecadeTheir stories are strikingly similar.
Public Life Of Maryville's Father John Smyth Belies Horrifying Allegations Of Sex CrimesAs the sun sat on Father John Smyth’s life, allegations of sexual misconduct arose.
Baby Chase's Mother Thrilled At His Recovery From Shooting, Frustrated With Police Investigation; 'Everyone's Looking At Me Like I'm The Bad Guy'Baby Chase was shot in the head three months ago and is making a remarkable recovery.  His family is grateful and happy about that, but as they told CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini, they are not so happy with the police investigation.
Victimized Twice: After Her 1-Year-Old Grandson Was Shot, City Wrongly Gave Away Her SUVA toddler riding with his grandmother gets shot in the head. The grandmother, Kakesia Walker, says Chicago Police towed her vehicle as evidence and she never saw it again.
City Overcharging For Thousands Of Expired Meter Parking TicketsYou park, you pay, you stay too long, you expect to get a ticket. If that happens in most neighborhoods, the ticket is supposed to be cheaper than what you’d pay downtown
Bereaved Families Feel Duped By Shawn Parcells, Who Charged Thousands For Autopsies, But Has No Medical DegreeWhen a loved one dies unexpectedly, it leaves family members with lots of questions.
Getting Hosed: Unmetered, Vacant Homes Rack Up Thousands Of Dollars In Water BillsLarry Richardson is one of the people who called CBS 2 Investigators after the first expose on the City’s water billing system aired in February. Some owed hundreds of dollars, others tens of thousands.
Key Body Camera Footage Missing After Chicago Police Officers Raid Wrong Homes, Point Guns At ChildrenIn three separate cases, Chicago Police officers had the incorrect address listed on a warrant and raided the wrong home, traumatizing innocent families and children. But, CBS 2 has uncovered that critical moments that should have been captured on police body worn cameras are missing or were never recorded at all.