McHenry Deputy Under Investigation For Apparent Chokehold; Turned In By Other Law Enforcement“He called me a b****. Choked me, dangled me by my neck, dragged me to where he wanted me to be and then threw me on the ground. I really thought I might die by his hands that day,” Andrea Nielsen said.
Family Sues Chicago Police After Raid Searching For Relative Who Hadn't Lived There In YearsChicago police are facing yet another federal lawsuit over allegations of a bad raid and misconduct by officers. 
Family Sues Chicago Police After Officers Raid Home In Search Of Suspect Who Actually Lived In CaliforniaIt's just the latest in a series of wrong raids that have prompted lawsuits against the city.
Chicago Postal Workers Frustrated With Local, National Issues Affecting Their JobsWhile the employees said they appreciate a halt to any further changes until after the election, they're nervous about November.
Postal Service Problems Impact Chicago-Area Processing Centers: 'Mail Is Going To Be Delayed'"If you're gonna take the sorting machines, then you're going to have to hired people back to do it manually."
There Were Warning Signs, But Now A Child Is Dead And Parents Charged With ManslaughterA 6-year-old girl was found dead in her Kendall County home, and her parents charged with involuntary manslaughter. But, could Kerri Rutherford’s death have been prevented?
Lakeshore Businesses Left Behind By Beach Closures Try To Stay AliveLakefront restaurants have struggled with different reopening rules than other restaurants in the city, even though they could be better situated for social distancing than many of the bars and restaurants that have been open for months.
Eric Lurry's Widow Sues Joliet Officers Over His Death In Police CustodyVideo first obtained by the CBS 2 Investigators earlier this year showed Lurry, 37, on Jan. 28 as he was in the back seat of a police squad car, handcuffed during a drug-related arrest.
Remote Learning Leads To Surge In Childcare Needs For FamiliesThousands of working parents have been left scrambling for childcare as Chicago Public Schools goes to all remote learning for the fall as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
'It Breaks Your Heart': Parents Worry How E-Learning Will Work For Diverse LearnersE-learning is a challenge for everyone, but what about kids who already needed special education? 
No Bail For Darrell Johnson, Suspect In Murder Of Jamari RicksJanari Ricks' family said they knew Darrell Johnson because he grew up in the area and he had a distinctive limp. Prosecutors said it was actually that old injury from a shooting that gave him away. He's being held with no bond.
CPD Deputy Chief Dion Boyd Found Dead In Apparent Suicide At Homan Square Police FacilityPolice sources told the CBS 2 Investigators that Boyd's colleagues were trying unsuccessfully to get reach him on his cell phone when he was discovered in his office. It's unclear exactly when he died.
Protesters Demand Closure Of CPD Homan Square Facility"I was handcuffed to a bench in a cinder block cell for 17 hours."
Joliet Police Release 3 Hours Of Videos In Death Of Eric Lurry In Police CustodyThe videos, released on Facebook and YouTube, total approximately three hours of footage, including one video shown to Lurry's family in private last week.
Sold Out: Remdesivir Used To Treat COVID-19 Not Widely Available"There are hospitals including large healthcare systems in Florida Texas and Arizona that have been reported to be out of the medication."