More Than 40,000 Drivers Got Speed Camera Tickets At Chicago Locations Where Signs Had Mistakes About Enforcement TimesIf you see the light flash on a speed camera in Chicago, you know you’ve been busted – but it turns out more drivers in Chicago than initially realized are on the hook for tickets they should not have received.
Bills Strengthening Privacy For Sexual Assault Victims Signed Into Law After CBS 2 InvestigationTwo bills that strengthen privacy protections for sexual assault victims in Illinois were signed into law today.
City Vows To Get Rid Of Dangerous Light Poles After CBS 2 Investigators Have Spent Years Documenting Them As They Fall Down, But Just When Will This Happen?The CBS 2 Investigators have spent years digging into faulty light poles that get rusted out and end up falling over. Now, the city has promised a fix.
Watchdog Report Finds ShotSpotter Alerts Rarely Lead CPD To Evidence Of Actual Gun Crime"A large percentage of ShotSpotter alerts cannot be connected to any verifiable shooting incident," the report states.
What Will Full FDA Approval Of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Mean For Vaccine Hesitancy, And Mandates, In Chicago?Full approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine came from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday. It came more than eight months after the FDA gave the drug authorization for emergency use.
With Signing Of Colton's Law, 'It Feels Like I Can Finally Take A Breath,' Mom SaysHappy tears, nearly two years in the making for Cassandra Tanner Miller.
Sullivan High School Upgrades Have One Problem--New Windows That Don't OpenIn just more than a week, students return to Sullivan High School in Rogers Park, and they will see $25 million in much-needed repairs and upgrades.
Gov. JB Pritzker Signs 'Colton's Law,' Creating Domestic Violence Task Force In Honor Of Slain Joliet Toddler"Why did it have to be my son? Why did it have to be Colton? And the more that I walk this journey I think maybe it was me that had to do it," Cassandra Tanner Miller said.
After Finding Out City's $33 Million Contract With ShotSpotter Was Quietly Renewed, Some Aldermen Want To Make Sure Nothing Like It Happens Again Without ReviewThe ShotSpotter system is supposed to help police track gunshots around the city, and our investigators spent months asking if the multimillion-dollar contract for the system would be renewed. Last week, we learned the contract with ShotSpotter already had been renewed – and almost no one knew it.
Renewed COVID-19 Mask Mandate For Chicago Is Not News Restaurateurs Wanted To HearEffective Friday a mask mandate – not an advisory, but a mandate – will be back in effect in Chicago for all indoor spaces, including gyms, stores, and restaurants. As CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov reported, some businesses believe this step backward could be a big blow.
Some Cook County Businesses Say Sky-High 2020 Property Tax Bills Could Shut Them DownSome Cook County business owners have been left wondering if there were typos on their 2020 property tax bills – as their taxes soared 300, 400, or even 1,000 percent this year.
Enforcement A Work In Progress When It Comes To Illinois Students Who Refuse To Abide By School Mask MandatesIllinois schools can get in big trouble if they don’t abide by the mandate that requires all teachers and students, and everyone else in school buildings, to abide by the state’s mask mandates. But as CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov reported Monday night, enforcement is a little more fuzzy when it comes to individual students’ refusal.
Activist Calls On Aldermen To Roll Back Changes To Rules That Lowered Speeding Threshold For Tickets From Chicago Speed CamerasA community activist is calling on Chicago alderman to roll back the changes to traffic camera rules that lowered the speed threshold for getting a ticket.
Problems Continue With Illinois' 'Vax Verify' PortalChicago's new Vax Verify portal is supposed to make proving vaccination status easier, but days after the launch, we're still hearing the information is wrong. Now experts tell CBS 2 it's worse than we thought. 
Days After Launch, Illinois COVID-19 Vaccine Portal Has GlitchesThe state's calling it a new tool to make it easier to prove you're vaccinated. But just days into the launch of the new online portal Vax Verify, we're already getting complaints that the information online is wrong.