CBS 2 Investigation: CPD Extends ShotSpotter Contract With No Public Notice"The city shouldn't be signing multimillion dollar surveillance contracts without any audit, without any public oversight, without any public input."
Anjanette Young Mourns Loss Of Fallen CPD Officer Ella French As Only Officer To Show Her 'Any Dignity Or Respect' During Botched Raid"Ms. Young is praying for Officer French's family and offers her sincerest condolences to them and all of Officer French's friends and colleagues."
Fallen Chicago Police Officer Ella French Remembered For Helping Save Life Of 1-Month-Old Baby Who Was ShotA family said Officer Ella French helped save their baby’s life – rushing the 1-month-old to the hospital with lightning speed after the baby girl was shot in the head.
Serial Stowaway Marilyn Hartman Explains How She Repeatedly Got Past Airport Security; 'The Story Is Crazy'
Getting Hosed: The $8,000 Difference Between A Metered And Unmetered PropertyFor our latest Getting Hosed expose, the CBS 2 Investigators dug into issues with vacant, unmetered properties and the regressive billing policies that lead to inflated water bills. 
Youth Advocates Push To Close Illinois Juvenile PrisonsThere is now a push to close the prisons that house the youngest criminals in Illinois -- children. Instead is a proposal to rehabilitate them with a growing chorus of advocates who say prison time for juveniles is not the answer. 
Chicago Firefighter-EMT Erik Zuma Indicted On Multiple Sex Assault Charges; CBS 2's Dana Kozlov Reported On How He Was Still On Job Despite AllegationsChicago firefighter-EMT Erik Zuma has been indicted on 14 sex assault charges.
Cook County To Allow For Filing Of Orders Of Protection 24 Hours A Day, But Domestic Violence Survivor Advocates Say It's Not EnoughSurvivors of domestic violence in Cook County will soon be able to file for an order of protection anytime day or night. But as CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov reported Thursday, advocates for those survivors said it is not enough.
UIC Researchers Receive $6M For COVID-19 Treatment To Help Keep People Off Ventilators; Scientist Explains How It Works In Exclusive CBS 2 Interview"We expect that we can save the majority of the patients."
Family Sues After They Say Chicago Police Burst Into Their Home, Pointed Guns at Kids in 2019“You've had a mass traumatization of young children of color that's been going on for decades in Chicago,” attorney Al Hofeld Jr. said.
'Wave Of Relief': Why Some Businesses Now Require Proof Of COVID Vaccine"I would hope that people taking it serious would want to go to those businesses."
Arab Americans in Illinois Will Finally Be Counted When They Get Their VaccineThe Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has created a new category for those who identify as Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) to choose when they get their vaccine.
Joliet Police Sgt. Javier Esqueda, Who Blew Whistle On Eric Lurry's Death In Custody, Receives Moral Courage AwardA Joliet police sergeant who first came forward to CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini with allegations of misconduct in the death of a suspect in custody, has received the moral courage award.
Cook County Offers Assistance With Eviction Moratorium Ending; Landlords Say Moratorium Has Had Their Hands TiedA federal ban on evictions expired over the weekend, and now they worry they will lose the roof over their heads. Some protections in place will delay the actual enforcement of evictions in Illinois until next month.
'I Hope The City Does The Right Thing And Refunds Those Tickets:' CBS 2 Investigators Discover Speed Camera Sign Mistakes, And Get ResultsIf you recently got a speeding ticket in Chicago, you might not deserve it. CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker discovered a big problem that may mean the city owes thousands of drivers a whole lot of money.