Car Theft In Fulton Market Neighborhood May Have Involved A Hack; 'We've Never Had This Kind Of Electronic Break Into The Vehicle'"We've had car break-ins in which people leave valuables in their car. We've had some cars stolen from valets right off the valet line. But we've never had this kind of electronic break in into the vehicle and an automatic theft."
UIC Doctors Say Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Trial May Have Information On Effectiveness By DecemberAt UIC doctors are well into giving the second dose of the vaccines and staying optimistic that they will be able to report on its effectiveness before the end of the year. 
Names, Private Information Of Child Sex Crime Victims Were Illegally Made Public In Cook County Court RecordsThis exposure of child victims’ information could have a chilling effect on victims who might report similar cases in the future.
Remote Learning Makes Abuse Harder To Spot, Says Chicago Public Schools CEOChicago police received a horrific call Thursday afternoon of a 7-year-old girl observed performing a sexual act on a man live on an online learning session. 
After CBS 2 Exposed More Towing Scams, City Council Moves To Add Consumer ProtectionsNew reforms are in the works to protect Chicago car accident victims from predatory towing companies.  
Woman Describes Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Libertyville Gastroenterologist, Dr. Arkan AlrashidA prominent Libertyville doctor is already charged with sexually assaulting a former coworker, and now prosecutors say there is a list of victims going back two decades. 
Patrick Stein, Young Stroke Victim, Needs A Home Nurse, But Blue Cross Blue Shield Stopped Paying For One; 'Without This He Will Die'Patrick Stein, 27, is incredibly smart, but he’s been trapped inside his body for a decade. He was only 17 when a massive stroke left him with only the use of his eyes
Ahead Of Labor Day, More Layoffs May Be On The Way"COVID-19 has changed the revenue models for these organizations they're not operating as heavily in some of their highest revenue producing products or services," Challenger said. "And that's causing medical industry companies to have to change some of their personnel."
McHenry Deputy Under Investigation For Apparent Chokehold; Turned In By Other Law Enforcement“He called me a b****. Choked me, dangled me by my neck, dragged me to where he wanted me to be and then threw me on the ground. I really thought I might die by his hands that day,” Andrea Nielsen said.
Family Sues Chicago Police After Raid Searching For Relative Who Hadn't Lived There In YearsChicago police are facing yet another federal lawsuit over allegations of a bad raid and misconduct by officers. 
Family Sues Chicago Police After Officers Raid Home In Search Of Suspect Who Actually Lived In CaliforniaIt's just the latest in a series of wrong raids that have prompted lawsuits against the city.
Chicago Postal Workers Frustrated With Local, National Issues Affecting Their JobsWhile the employees said they appreciate a halt to any further changes until after the election, they're nervous about November.
Postal Service Problems Impact Chicago-Area Processing Centers: 'Mail Is Going To Be Delayed'"If you're gonna take the sorting machines, then you're going to have to hired people back to do it manually."
There Were Warning Signs, But Now A Child Is Dead And Parents Charged With ManslaughterA 6-year-old girl was found dead in her Kendall County home, and her parents charged with involuntary manslaughter. But, could Kerri Rutherford’s death have been prevented?
Lakeshore Businesses Left Behind By Beach Closures Try To Stay AliveLakefront restaurants have struggled with different reopening rules than other restaurants in the city, even though they could be better situated for social distancing than many of the bars and restaurants that have been open for months.