'Most Chicagoans Will Be Eligible To Get COVID Vaccine': Dr. Arwady Says City On Track To Move Into Phase 1C Starting March 29Chicago's vaccine rollout is moving on schedule, which will allow the city to start with Phase 1C in two weeks, but the fight for seniors to get the vaccine will get more crowded.
Arwady: 1 In Every 13 Chicagoans Has Received At Least One Dose Of The COVID Vaccine"All of our numbers look good. But it's important that if we started to see signs of trouble, we would dial back so that we don't get into a place hopefully, where we would need to think about closing things that we've already been able to reopen."
Chicago Easing COVID Capacity Limits For Bars, Restaurants“I’m proud of how far we’ve come as a city and I know we can do this smartly and safely.”
Arwady: 'We Are Advising Avoiding Travel' Through The Continental United States, COVID Vaccine Rollout Continues Through The CityAs of now, more than 54,000 first COVID vaccine doses have been given with another 13,000-14,000 second doses also given.
43 States, Puerto Rico Now On Chicago's Travel Order"Having a mask on drops your risk 85%. It's not 100%. It's 85%. And my hope is that people will make small sacrifices, and we think of them as sacrifices, but small changes in their own lives. But I don't have all the answers in terms of how to convince people to change their behaviors."
Lightfoot: 2-Week COVID-19 Business Curfew In Chicago Starts Friday"We're now seeing an uptick again of large groups of people gathering without social distancing and worse, without mask. Some of it, of course, is a misplaced sense that those you know don't have it. That's wrong."
Arwady: Watching Wisconsin 'With Huge Concern' For Chicago's Travel Quarantine List"My expectation is that we will basically put people on alert for Wisconsin that if they're not able to turn this around. They would be added to the list the following week."
Chicago's Dr. Arwady On Stay At Home Order: 'It's Quite Possible That It Would Be Extended'"The stay at home order is the most important tool that we have. I think it's quite possible that it would be extended."
You Paid For It: The Economic Impact Of Coronavirus"Just at the Chicago Department of Public Health, we were spending $150,000 a week on our costs. Which is a lot."